Old school – NEW world

Bridging the gap . . .

Tin type . . .

Photo shot with the new app from Hipstamatic . . . “TinType” and the Photojojo wide angle/macro combo lens featuring a guest from Photojojo.


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y the Hipsta people lets you access the camera roll !! OMFG !!

Totem . . .

2 layers of visual information – white paint Christian graffiti praising the lord and totemic cardboard cut-out imagery . . .


The cardboard images will be placed on the actual graffiti and re-photographed at a later date.

Trash day . . .

A little something from yesterday . . .


and the day before.


Updating the past . . . Old school NEW world, neh?

trippin’ . . . OV

The burning bush . . . as seen on my 40 minutes in the sun walk about . . . yesterday.


And it was written that “Jesus Luves You” on the basalt cliff face . . .


iPhone 6 Plus . . .

why have I decided to get an iPhone 6 Plus ? Simple . . . I like my iPod Touch 5G and I don’t think that Apple is going to make an iPod Touch 6G . . . I want the 8 megapixel
camera . . . with all the “darkroom” apps available, anyone who likes where technology has taken photography, the iPhone 6 Plus is the next logical step . . .

0600 . . .

Katydid under mercury vapor lamp light . . .


iPod Touch 5G . . .

Looks like I’ll be getting the new iPhone 6 Plus . . . I like the size, the 8 megapixel cam . . . looks like it will be a real workhorse.

H’ray !!

Moonrise . . .

No this isn’t Cortez NM . . . it’s the moon over the White Mountains in Owens Valley after a day of cloudbursts when the Weather Channel said there was going to be a “zero” chance of rain . . . it looked like there was some snow flurry activity over Little Egypt SW of Bishop up toward Coyote Valley as well . . . but what do I know . . .

Anyway, as I was driving south from Bishop this evening I saw the giant moon rising up and stopped to shoot a few pics . . . here’s one:


Original pic was in color but I wanted black and white . . . low light contributed to the grainy image. I used the Photojojo tele lens on my iPod Touch . . .

Vincent . . .

Bought the new Jordaan HipstapakRijks film and Vincent lens . . .

Here’s my Vermeer fruits pic . . .


Shot in very low light, adjusted exposure and contrast with PhotoForge 2 . . .

Trash day . . .

Too many minds . . . again . . . like the two trash bins I wheeled out to the street this morning . . . full.

Shot this on Monday in the p.m. (1440 hrs) . . . slightly overcast.


Polaroid Instant or . . .

If you get the Polaroid Instant app for yer iPad you will have to buy it for the iPhone and if you get it for yer iPhone you will have to pay to get the app for yer iPad . . .

u-u-u-u-uh WTF ?!

Anyway if you want vintage Polaroid formats/emulsions get the LoMob app . . . if you gets it on yer iPad it will load to all youse other mecha like iPhone iPod Touch, and you only pays one time !!

The Polaroid Instant app has a tendency to crash when you try to add too much fluff to yer images . . . When you try to save yer image with fingerprints vignette border texture text etc. etc. the app closes and you end up back with a screen full of icons . . . it’s like being out with yer GF and just when you think . . . you know . . . and she pulls her skirt back down . . .

The Polaroid Instant app is O.K. Didn’t think I would have to pay twice for it but like I said . . .

I’m thinking about taking my NIKON FM 35mm out of storage and shoot some real film . . . I can use a local camera shop to process my film and use the lomography-smartphone-film-scanner from Photojojo to digitize my negs.

I know, I know, I could just have the photo store make a CD but no CD drive on the iPad so I’ll just use my iPod Touch to copy the images I like and export them to the iPad for further processing or do some editing on the iPod Touch before moving them to the iPad darkroom – Lots of options.

“Fake” Polaroid images generated using the LoMob app . . .

Family Instant


instant Emulsion


Vintage Instant (023A)


6X9 Instant Emulsion


There are 15 filters in the LoMob “Instant Photography” (Polaroid) category.

Original camera image: iPad 2


ps – I didn’t mention that the LoMob app has a camera function so you don’t have to import yer images . . . just shoot from the app. More camera apps now let you shoot from within the app not like Hipstamatic . . . Hipstamatic just keeps developing more films and lenses . . . Hipstamatic = Microsoft . . . duh . . .


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