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Winchester 73 . . . not the movie

The fire damaged remains of my old Winchester 73 . . .



Still waiting for Inyo County to decide who was responsible for the fire resulting from the irresponsible dumping of live coals in vegetation adjacent to a county facility, the facility was being used by a local Alcoholics Anonymous group.

Gross negligence (Inyo County) and criminal negligence (Alcoholics Anonymous) . . . gross negligence for letting a group use a county facility without supervision, and criminal negligence for being irresponsible alcoholic assholes.

No-glare daylight viewfinder

I bought one of daylight viewfinders that fits on the screen on my iPod Touch 4 & 5G . . . Why you ask . . .because it’s almost impossible to see the image on the screen in daylight . . . you know like seeing yer ugly mug or the sky or buildings behind you . . . anything and everything but what you be trying to take a picture of . . . WTF?! . . . I mean there should be a high tech viewfinder like the old Leicas used to have before SLRs . . .

Well the $30 USD gizmo that I got from Photojojo a while back got its field test today . . .

In the pic below you can see the control icons on the right side of the eyepiece . . .


What are the rubber bands for?

Well, the viewfinder has a tendency to lose its “grip” on the screen . . . caused by body oil, sweat, dust, etc . . . but no problem I just used the two rubber bands that I snagged off the free-bee newspaper that comes every Wednesday afternoon and bun-gee’d the sucker down . . . makes you look like yer looking through yer camera’s lens OMFG !!


Second problem is the app doesn’t seem to want to work on the iPod 5G . . . on the 4G it works fine.

I enlarged the camera lens port (hole) on an old Griffin camera case so I can use my Photojojo accessory lenses without having to remove the protective sleeve every time I want to get crazy . . .


Eyepiece closed . . .


Eyepiece open . . .


That’s it for trash day . . .

More fake-y stuff

Been thinking about Polaroid . . . so I did two more “fakes” using the Lo-mob app.

Impossible Back Instant 2 option,


And the 6X9 Instant Emulsion feature.


The moth was hanging around the back door this afternoon when I got home, so I shot a few pix with my iPod Touch 5G cam and the Photojojo wide angle/macro lens combo.

Here’s the original photo:


fake Polaroid


’nuff said . . .

You want “fun” instant pix get an Instax cam from Photojojo $100 USD includes one pack of film 20 exposures . . . Polaroid is dead . . . died many years ago and the NEW Polaroid film sucks !!

RE: toe-mah-toes . . .

O.K. here’s the original image . . .


The problem was that the iPod Touch cam selected the “background” as the point of focus, and the tomatoes that I wanted to be in focus ended up blurred . . . out-of-focus. So, I decided to use the Pixlr-o-matic app and get rid of the sharp background . . . I chose a scratchy option to degrade the background . . . like “even out” the blurred foreground and then added a funky “frame” . . . I got an image that was O.K. . . . yeh it was good enough for Instagram or Pinterest but but what a waste . . .


So methinks, too make this “pop” I gotta do something . . . and I dumped the original image into PhotoForge 2 made the color image a black and white continuous tone positive . . . ramped the contrast and then used the ToonCamera app to get a high contrast line image . . . et voila !! High contrast line image without a process camera . . .


Combined the high contrast image with the scratchy color image using the Doublexposure Pro app and got the following result . . . a muddy low contrast photo . . .


I stuck the above pic in PhotoForge 2 ramped the contrast did a bit of exposure and saturation manipulation and the result was the image posted earlier . . .


All the above was previsualized or “prevised” as Ansel Adams used to say.

For me, when I saw the out-of-focus tomatoes, I knew what I needed to do . . . it’s like dodging and burning a negative to expose and create an exhibition quality print . . .,knowing what enlarging paper and paper contrast to use for the final image. It’s an intuitive no-thought process resulting from 20 years in a real darkroom

Agfa Brovira, Kodak Polycontrast . . . and that’s just the beginning.

Tomatoes . . .

Messing with pics . . . shot in my “garden” with the trusty iPod Touch 5G and the Photojojo wide angle/close-up combo lens. Passed the image through a few “darkroom” apps – Doublexpro, C4LA (lineart), PhotoForge 2 and Pixlr-o-matic.



Too many mind . . .


Watching Tony BourdainParts Unknown” waiting for the “Tokyo: Explore the Paradox of Japan” segment to air . . . wondering have I done everything I will ever do . . . I’ve done things my idols have done . . . Bukowski . . . Henry Miller . . . the difference is I haven’t written about it . . .

I am surrogate stand-in father for my grandson . . . the 70 yo boy who never grew up and the 18 mo child wise beyond his young life . . . big monkey little monkey sharing time and space.


pee ess

Horse racing is not like stock car racing where you sit on yer ass and drink mass quantities of beer . . . it’s more like drag racing . . . Wham-bam-thank-you-m’am . . . first one to the finish line WINS . . . if you blow yer engine or smoke yer tires and finish second you go back to the pits & fix whatever went wrong before the next round – you don’t sound-off to the media that you were cheated out of a win by “cowards” who had a better car . . .

I understand that Steve Coburn apologized for his donkey ass behavior after California Chrome ran fourth in the Belmont Stakes last Saturday. Maybe someone should send some Velveeta cheese whiz to go with his 2 or 3 buck whine . . . He could always use the Velveeta for fish bait . . . WTF?! . . . I never knew that people actually ate Velveeta I always thought it was fish bait . . .

FYI – Mel Ramos did a pop art “glamor” painting of a woman on a big box of Velveeta . . . The painting was titled “Valveeta

Oops, forgot the “cheesecake” . . .


Shoulda woulda coulda . . .

The Belmont Stakes . . . a comment

The three words in the title of this post are words you hear at the horse races . . . every day, day after day, “I shoulda bet that horse . . . if I woulda bet that horse . . . I coulda bet that horse . . .” Steve Coburn shoulda stayed at the feedlot . . . he’s a wannabe cowboy . . . see the hat, only fake cowboys wear hats and the problem is he believed that he was Cinderella . . . but Cinderella’s coach tuned into a pumpkin Mr. Coburn, and the east coast ain’t Topaz Lake . . .

The Belmont Stakes was the bell tolling the final stroke of midnight and the media story-book ran a well beaten 4th.

California Chrome coulda won if Tonalist hadn’t run . . . Tonalist won the Peter Pan Grade 2 (mile and 1/8) . . . that race was run at Belmont on a sloppy track.

The majority of people who go to the Triple Crown horse races don’t read the Daily Racing Form . . . if you’d done yer homework you woulda seen that Tonalist was coming off a lay-off so he was rested, and Commissioner who ran second to Tonalist in the Grade 2 Peter Pan, was also a threat. But the media had its “darling” and Cali Chrome went off at 4/5 when he shoulda been 4 or 5-to-one at best.

Oh . . . and we had the “little“guys from California/Nevada gone east to teach the establishment a thing or two about horse racing. Only thing was there was no giant or windmills just savvy old horse trainers & owners who understood that media hype doesn’t win races . . .

Cowards ?? Methinks not . . . It’s not about ringing the fucking bell at the stock exchange . . .

Storybook, yeh . . . little guys, yeh . . . the people’s horse, heroes, yeh . . . It’s a tough old world out there, it ain’t no TV reality show, but Steve Coburn can hold court in the casino up the hill on Highway 395 and tell all who will listen about the “cowards” back east who don’t play fair . . .

California Chrome shoulda won the Belmont . . . he woulda won the Belmont if he had been the only horse in the race . . . and he coulda won the Belmont if that coward Tonality hadn’t been allowed to run . . .

Yesterday . . .

Yesterday or was it the day before . . . I posted a photo of a squash blossom and today I decided to post the original image . . .

Original . . .


And the manipulated image.


Two or 3 squash blossoms from my grandson’s box garden.


What people are unaware of is that I have been doing photography since 1970 . . . old school darkroom processing . . . shooting with film (color transparency, black & white and color negative) . . . manual & semi-automatic 35mm cameras . . . no digital 24 megapixel digital auto-focus BS . . . No Instagram smart phone social Pinterest disease.

Now my old cameras languish in storage boxes . . . I shoot almost exclusively with my iPod Touch 5G and occasionally with a beat-up 12 megapixel Nikon Coolpix.

My “darkroom” is my iPad 2 . . .
Have a nice weekend.


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