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Bridging the gap . . .

Re: 8 pages . . .

Things you should know about my works:

1962 was the year I graduated from high school; June was a senior who initiated me into high school at my eighth grade graduation party (!); and, Junio 1986 was when the rough draft my first ZEEN was completed.

I use Translate, a translation app to flop English into Spanish and French . . . also Dutch and German.

For example: English-to-Spanish – phrases in English are run through the app and the Spanish translation is reviewed and translated back into English, reviewed and translated back into Spanish and back into English again. What I end up with is a phrase in English that when translated into Spanish will give a very literal translation of the original English phrase, but with “duende” as defined by Lorca.

O.K. Here’s the whole ZEEN . . . All 19 pages of text.












Photos taken with my iPod Touch 5G, some cropping, exposure and contrast manipulation with the PhotoForge 2 app.

The NEW 8 page bible – the zine . . .

This started in the 1980′s . . . the era of Postal madness, adrift in the clamor of moving letters, parcels and machinery, moving whatever people wanted to send to relatives, businesses and the like, this included cremated remains of relatives in cardboard boxes that on more than one occasion were crushed and broken in transit, spilling their contents inside the canvas mail sacks . . .

oh shit, looks like all the “dirt” on the culling belt is somebody . . .!!

And the conveyor belt was stopped while we tried to recover as much of the gray sand as we could, and then looked for the sack that held the rest of the poor soul who had just been scattered unintentionally over the length of the belt.

Here’re some pics of the revival of my first zine . . . the photos are of the dummy.

Zine closed . . .


Cover, front and back, open . . .





The flagged text above was layered with previously printed text.


The text below was printed over the text pictured above and overlaps some of the text printed on the first pass through the copier.



Pics taken with my iPod Touch 5G, square format, HD mode.

MH370 . . . A comment

It bothers me that although the Chinese ship Haixun 01 was the first to “hear” the “pings” from what is probably Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, one has to search for mention of the role the Chinese ship played in the discovery of the first two electronic signal emanating from what could be the black boxes of the missing 777-200 – it’s been Australia this and the U.S. that . . . what about the Haixun 01?

At express.co.uk I pulled up the following:

British ship HMS Echo, China’s Haixun 01 and the Australian air force are all also using underwater acoustic equipment to try and find the signals.


MH370 ‘found’: Chinese ship detects SECOND signal from deep in the Indian Ocean

“A SECOND pulse signal has been picked up by a Chinese ship searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – just 1.2 miles from where the first was detected.

“Australian co-ordinators in the search for a missing Malaysian plane say Chinese ship Haixun 01 has detected a pulse signal for a second time, within hours of it being heard earlier on Saturday.”

“The signal was transmitting on a frequency of 37.5kHz per second, matching that emitted by the flight recorder on the Malaysia Airlines plane. After monitoring the signal for 15 minutes members of the crew alerted authorities in Perth.

The Chinese ship has used what is effectively an underwater microphone dangled down to a depth that has picked up a signal indicating the device is there.

S-o-o-o if the Chinese ship hadn’t been “dangling” their underwater microphones, no one would know where to look for MH370 . . . right?

But the Haixun 01 doesn’t get the air play that the Aussies and the U.S. get . . . WTF?!

A yer-o-pee-an likened the Chinese underwater microphone to a “tin can attached by wires to a briefcase” . . . u-u-uh, but the tin can thing worked n’est pas ? . . . got the fucking job done, right?

Thank you China . . .

re: the zine . . .

I made a few hard copies of the zine . . . there are a lot of changes in the second stat.e of the zine.

The zine “OVP in 21st Century” is a manifesto . . . the letters OVP are the first letters from Owens Valley Paiute, and with that said here’s the the second state of the zine.

Front cover . . .


First page . . .


Page 2 and 3 . . .


Page 4 & 5 . . .


Page 6 & 7 . . .


Page 8


zine . . .

O.K. All 8 pages of my first “zine” is up on . . . version one of “OVP in the 21st Century (coyote dint shot no bufflo)” . . .

What’s it about?

It’s a rant about political correctness and how academics and “hippies” have fucked up indigenous tribal cultures, creating the “Native American” ethic, I.e. pow wows and spirituality and “sweats” and vision quests . . . whew! Can’t forget the “trickster” mentality . . .

Oh, and before I forget, I’m an Owens Valley Paiute, and like all REAL North American indigenous tribal people I have a tribal enrollment number (is this Nazi Germany?) and I have an I.D. Card with my enrollment number and my photo on it . . . my tribal group is a Federally Recognized Tribe. Check out CFR Title 25 Indians, please note that there is no listing for Native Americans in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Back to the zine . . .

My plan is to self-publish the zine . . . 8 pages of content plus the cover. Preliminary target will be regional museums, visitors centers and book sellers.

The first issue is a work-in-progress so there will several “A/P’s” or “artists proofs” of the issue, much like lithographic editions.

The original pages have been scanned and processed using apps on my iPad, specifically Notability, Pixlr-o-matic and PhotoForge 2.









re: Twinka doncha know . . .

Like I mentioned earlier I’m reading “What Doncha Know? about Henry Miller” and after I read through Twinka’s introductory 54 pages I got to Henry’s Table Talk . . . and after reading 40 some pages I realized that if you have never read any of Miller’s stuff Table Talk would be interesting, but, since i have read all but one or two of his works, Table Talk was just snippets from his earlier work as retold over dinner with Twinka . . . I did learn some stuff about Twinka although I had seen photographs of her taken by Judy Dater . . . but I didn’t know she had been an active part of Miller’s life on-and-off or that Warren Beatty had nailed her (after seeing photos of her taken by Judy Dater) . . . anyway . . . I did find a copy of Henry’s “The Air-conditioned Nightmare” online, downloaded a copy to my iBooks app and started reading . . .

If you’ve read Henry Miller Twinka’s “book” is not going to offer too much . . .

update . . .


’nuff said . . .


been reading Twinka’s book What Doncha Know about Henry Miller and there was an advert for Puerto Rico on the TV . . . which brought mind a story my oldest daughter told me about a person on one of the social media sites she frequents: seems there was this person who spelled Puerto RicoPort-o-Rico” . . . ah yes . . . and now Puerto Rico has become Port-o-Rico in our conversations . . . reminiscent of Port of Subs . . . a sandwich shop in Reno NV.


daylight saving time

well it’s that time of year . . . again . . . stoopid daylight saving time (DST) . . . let’s do one of two things . . . either stay on DST for 12 months or dump the archaic tradition. DST just fucks up everyone’s biological clock, especially little kids . . . WTF do they care about “saving” daylight . . . besides, how does one “save” daylight??
It’s possible to make efficient use of longer daylight hours . . . you know, like having more time to sit on your ass outside drinking beer or “fishing” and drinking beer . . . just a thought.

“too many minds . . .”

That’s a line from The Last Samurai . . . and it holds true for me currently . . . too many irons in the proverbial fire . . . too much on my plate . . . my eyes are bigger than my stomach . . .

Time to back up and get focused . . .

Had to buy a HDMI cable for the DVD player so I could watch District 9 . . . when I first saw the adverts I thought WTF ?! why is CalTrans advertising a video about District 9 ??

CalTrans is the California Department of Transportation and District 9 is their identifier for the Eastern Sierra/Owens Valley region of Eastern California . . .

u-u-uh . . .

I don’t like the zombie genra of “movies” BUT you gotta watch The Dead . . . it’s graphic and their are no “hot” women and the story actually “ends” with the zombie horde breaking into the last stronghold . . . I assume the man and boy were “et” . . .

The real zombie horde is being incubated in Colorado . . . watched a TV report on the Colorado “Pot Rush” . . . maybe all the potheads will move Colorado . . . now I’m waiting for the first report of munchie cannibalism . . . and the cartels wiping out the hippie drug operation . . . medicinal marijuana . . . HAH !! I take Advil to ease my aches and pains . . . the “Baby Boomers” gave birth to a generation of candy-ass whiners . . .

Would you you like a joint . . . splif . . . to go with tha whine ??

Time to Swiffer the floor . . . I can see some dust particles . . .


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