Working from tha Electronic Couch

by bookindian

working as yer own boss is  . . . tiring.  Worked for the U.S. Post Office for 20 years and resigned because I was too young to retire. I was a Distribution Clerk – sorted mail for delivery locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Eventually worked as a “window” clerk, which meant that I sold stamps, etc. at the neighborhood P.O. where you went to mail stuff and pick-up packages. Met lots of people but it wasn’t like working in the big  area mail processing center – used to call them AMPC’s  or SCF ‘s(Sectional Center Facility) depending on the type of mail being handled – this was in SoCal, the Long Beach area.  buy a book entitled “Post Office” by the late great Charles Bukowski and you’ll get an idea of why I preferred working in the larger offices, not to say that the smaller offices weren’t exciting! WOH !! we’ll get there later. I think I still have an old P.O. uniform shirt somewhere, I’ll see if I can dig it out and take a pic with me in it.  Break time.