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About Mountain Valley Notes
Welcome to Mountain Valley Notes, bringing you the latest news from Owens Valley in eastern California.
Living and working in Owens Valley for 22 years, I hope to introduce you to many old and new places in Owens Valley as well as touching on interesting related topics.
After deciding the web was the best way to communicate with the region and the world at large, I have begun posting on my own blog to promote the unique history, culture and natural beauty of eastern California.
Who is bookindian?
I was born in the city of Bishop and spent my first 16 years in Owens Valley. After graduating from high school, I moved to southern California to attend college and lived the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area for 20 years. I have been living and working in Eastern California for over 20 years, mainly in the Bishop area.
My work experience spans many disciplines: GIS and GPS technology, documentary and studio photography, archaeological field survey methods, museum exhibit design and cultural tourism marketing. I worked for the U.S. postal Service for 20 years in the Long Beach area before returning to Owens Valley.
A lot of my blog posts will have photos which I have taken, for example:
• Streets – A set of posts with pictures of the kingdom from street level featuring storefronts, murals and graffiti.
• Featured Photo Articles – Some photos of special events and travel in Owens Valley.
You will probably see a mixture of different types of photos on the site ranging from the Sony WEBBiE HD, Flip Mino HD and the Canon EOS 10D. I usually use the WEBBiE and the Flip for casual street stuff with the Canon for time when there is time to stop and follow a story line.
I also use an iPod Touch for live blogs without fotos.
I hope this gives you a quick overview of bookindian. I will be continuing to take pictures of everyday life in eastern California, particularly in the Owens Valley area.
I hope you continue to be a reader of Mountain Valley Notes.