Cynthia – Not a Stewardess

by bookindian

Added a new category – Earth Dragon H – just for the hell of it and to post stuff that might not be for the warm and fuzzies !!

First post in the new category is about how subject matter evolves, like how the Owens Valley Doll is changing through consumer comment. Maybe this is where I’ve been heading, like maybe the original OVD concept was a stepping-off point.

Cynthia is a re-work of a pre-existing figure that didn’t fit the criteria established for the OVD; too short and lacking character (!). leg segment will be lengthened and individual legs carved from the solid section.


Meet Cynthia

As you can see, Cynthia is a work-in-progress; the base is being modified and some of the white undercoat is visible and she is definitely different from the other OVD; could be representing how indigenous people adapt to change.

CA & T

The smaller figure is also a wip.

The plan is to introduce the new OVD to a Japanese blog community for comment; the community is quite large and ready to provide constructive comment.