End of the Year Recap

by bookindian

End of the Year Recap

Thought I might do a recap of what’s been going on here on the electronic couch before the end of 2009.

Here’s a little something that has been invaluable for me: I read posts by Danny Choo on http://www.dannychoo.com, when I first linked up to his site last February, gaining insight about what makes a blog or website successful – this is what was hidden in Danny’s post content:

. . . stop and take a look at where you are in terms or reaching your goal, if you are still where you were 30 days ago, it will take you longer to reach that goal.

I paraphrased the actual text but you get the idea . . .

Make use of your resources. As stated in a comment regarding “creativity” – “I’m not creative, I work on the cheap.” Essentially it means be “creative”. Innovate, adapt and overcome, Heartbreak Ridge, Clint Eastwood (Gunny).

Your blog stats are important if you plan to increase your visibility, check them daily. WordPress has an excellent stat page; I use my WordPress stats as a model for posting on other blog communities.

Keep up with the changes in communication technology.

QR code

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The QR code may not be a big item in the United States, but it is used in the Global Community, and some businesses in Japan post their QR code instead of the usual text, on billboards and other commercial media.

I post some photos on Twitpics; and my Otaku flavored content and photos on figure.fm at http://www.dannychoo.com. Some of my ota posts also show up on my blog “A Mountain Valley Journal” at http://www.bookindian.wordpress.com with modified content.

If you have a lot of photos to post, post a visual summary with your text and link the post to the main body of your photographs on Flickr or Photobucket; or, do like my daughter does and use “pic spam” to let the viewer know that you are posting more than just 5 – 10 images.

The following helps when you are fed up, tired and in need of a rest.

• Rent or buy “Three Days of the Condor”, an old Robert Redford spy thriller about an agent who is a “reader”, someone who reads books to find possible “scenarios” that could be used is real life situations in the espionage community. An added treat is Max Von Sydow who plays an assassin who befriends Redford.

• Film #2 on my list is “Bad Santa”, because you need to realize that there are some films worth watching. Billy Bob Thornton (BBT) is Santa on a bad day, fed up with the elves and paper-mache donkeys, and Christmas. I like BBT because he got to ride in the backseat of a limo with Angelina Jolie. . . !! (yeh, I know, they were married!); Murman Thurman (the kid) helps you to realize that wearing underwear makes you a target for jerks who like giving “wedgies” and creates embarrassing moments at the Laundromat when your pantsu falls on the floor and lands with the “skid marks” showing; and, let’s not forget Santa’s Wife’s Sister who let’s you be comfortable with having a fetiche for something or someone.

• Film No. 3 is “Man on Fire” with Denzel Washington. Why? Because being “tough” is not the answer. Creasy (Denzel), Pita’s bodyguard, replies to Pita’s comment. “I’m tough Creasy,” by saying, “No, you’re either trained or untrained. Which are you, trained or untrained?” Pita replies, “Trained.

Set attainable goals. Goals should be short-term (30 days), and long-term (4-6 months). An example would be to increase your page visits by 100% each month that is, 500 the first month, 1000 the second, 2000 the third, etc.; a long-term goal would be to have 10 – 12,000 views in 6 months.

To reach your goals, comment on quality blogs, join blog communities and post quality content. I have seen the number of views on my posts increase from 2500 over a 2 week period to 4400 in 24 hours based on content that targets a specific niche.

Read other blogs that address your fields of interest. And don’t be afraid to modify you perspective on a given topic. Take notes, blogging is just like being back at school.

I watch a lot of movies, mostly old school, so keep that in mind while reading, might make more sense.


p.s. I may add some photos tomorrow . . .