S.F.3.D. Part 3

by bookindian

Posted some photos on figure.fm at http://www.dannychoo.comFireball S.A.F.S. (Not Drossel)”. Still need to attach some parts after final paint-up.

Posted the above from my iPod Touch – here are the new photos with captions (not the same as on dannychoo.com)


On the paint-up floor . . .


Overcast day made for a good quickie outdoor shoot.


Close-up of the hydraulic lines

Saw some photographs of a very nice paint scheme online and thought I would have a go at painting some oil leaks on the lower legs and feet.


Photo of the BIG mistake.

Realized that the upper section of the left arm is backwards – in a bit of a rush the other day.


. . . left a piece off the right forearm as well!

There was a minimum of text on the instruction sheet, so I missed two steps in the build. I won’t try to fix the left arm, but I can mod the piece that goes on the right arm, and will attach it so that it won’t be noticeable.

Hope your first day of the new decade was as enjoyable as mine!
Year of the Tiger!! WOH !!, got to find my little ivory tiger and take some pics!