Year of the Tiger

by bookindian

Beginning: The Year of the Tiger


2010 charm

24 years ago I bought an ivory ojime in Laguna Beach, California. An ojime is a small bead (carved or plain) that slides up and down the cords that hold a type of compartmentalized “purse” or container hanging from the obi of a Japanese man’s clothing.


Is shi-shi or tiger?

Originally I thought the animal figure was a tiger, but upon closer examination, it appears to be a “shi-shi” or lion (?). Shi-shi or tiger, it doesn’t really matter, it has become the my icon for the coming year. * (see note at the bottom of the post)


Detail of feet . . .

in the recap of 2009, I mentioned the “mantra” (“. . . stop and look at where you are today, if you are still in the same place as you were 30 days ago, you will be slow in attaining your goal.“); that “tune” now plays in the background as I start the new year.

Cleaning “house” – something done at the beginning of every year in Japan and a habit of mine, however, this year it is a little more intensive – got lots of stuff/junk laying about and needs to be sorted, thrown away or put into active service. “Found” some of my screen printing tools (ink, squeegees (3), fabric dye and some coin that I had rolled and stashed 4 or 5 years ago. When you collect things that may be of value at a later date, the stuff tends to accumulate, rapidly.

For those of you who read Avant Garde #2, the Bert Stern images of Marilyn Monroe were generated by photo-screen printing process. Andy Warhol is probably best known for his screen printed images of Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor.

I’m working from an Apple G4 and don’t have any of the shi-shi’s photos on this machine so I will post some later.

. . . well back outside to inventory “stuff“.

Hope your first week of 2010 is positive.

p.s. I’m not a Mac person, so the photos are a bit screwed up – couldn’t find the re-sized images so I dinked around with the code but didn’t get the centering spot on, left the first pic as is, liked the detail.

Lunch time.

*Just got finished with researching my “charm“; based on the length of the tail, it is a tiger, the shi-shi or lion dog has a big tail that looks something like a cloud. The shi-shi is also know as a “foo dog“.