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It’s time to post something about my background as a photographer and a graphic artist; I use a Canon EOS 10D with either a 50mm Canon EF 1:1.4 or a 50mm Canon Compact-Macro 1:2.5, ISO 200 – 1600 with f-stops of 5.6 to 16, depending on the light and ISO.

Rewind to the 1980’s – I was studying at U.C.L.A. and Otis/Parsons in southern California. with a focus in photography and printmaking. I did a lot of experimenting with film (B/W and color transparencies) using an old Leica rangefinder, a Nikon FM, a Leica CL, and various old 120 film format cameras. (pictures of the Spartaflex later).

Screen printing was a strong interest, leading to the use of 120 and 35mm film imagery to create large format continuous tone and high-contrast line and half-tone images.


An old screen with a hand-drawn negative image

The large format, second generation film imagery was used to experiment with alternative photo-processes – cyanotype (blue prints) and photo-etched zinc printing plates.


Trial prints, “proofs” of “artist’s proofs” are always printed or “pulled” prior to printing a full “edition” of a particular image. The final, fully corrected (ink viscosity and color) image is is called a “bon a tier” or “good to print” and is signed by the artist and given to the printer who will pull the edition.


Trial proof

My Profile is being posted as a “work-in-progress” . . .