3D Sculpt – Prototypes

by bookindian

I’ve been sculpting figures for over 15 years, using regional clay and cottonwood. Only in the last 10 months has polymer clay been added as a medium for creating 3D figures.

The Owens Valley Doll (OVD) is a figure that was developed as a ‘cultural icon“. The OVD is in the final stages of design modification and will soon be showcased in an online “Gallery Exhibit“.

I do a lot of modification or alteration of most of the action figures that I have in my collection, so the next step was to design my own figures.


2D concept sketch

Concept sketches provide the sculptor or “modeler” with a general “feel” for the final features and pose of the 3D figure. Color sketches are provided for the person who paints the finished figure.


Close-up of alternative faces . . .

This figure was designed to be similar to the collectible “Nendoroid” figures produced in Japan, so there are two alternative “faces“. Weapons are often accessories included with figure.


. . . yabane detail . . .

Sketches contain multiple views of the proposed figure, and it not unusual to find handwritten notes scattered around the drawing.


Most important to sign all sketches . . . in pencil

I sign and date all sketches to maintain a graphic record of figure development and to provide a provenance for future reference.


Torso, head, and arms . . .

The hands and legs for this figure have yet to be modeled.


Another view showing holes for attaching legs

The forms are roughed out segments for a single figure – the head still needs to have the hair detailed and facial features added.


The ultimate goal for figure modelers is to see the mold of your sculpted figure.