Mobile Suit Gundam – The 8th MS Team

by bookindian


Mobile Suit Gundam . . . $7 USD

Bought this DVD at the local used book store – I was browsing and happened to find it in the new acquisitions section. Been wondering about the content of the Gundam anime, so I bought it; for $7.00 USD I thought it was worth the money.


Back of DVD case

. . . there is very strong following of the Gundam kit models and anime in Japan, the U.S. and Asia.



The selling point was the graphic cover treatment – looked like a comic book/manga cover.


. . . the goods . . .

I have several “old school” kit models that I built in the 1980’s – I even have a kit that hasn’t been built and another that is in the final stages of completion after 20+ years . . .


. . . image tease . . .

I’m going to watch the DVD later this evening . . .


. . . Yam Yam . . .

Bought some Pocky and Yam Yam to snack on while I watch the DVD, but only the Pocky is left . . .