New Name

by bookindian

I decided while I was in that not-sleeping-not awake state to redo the blog name. At first it was going to be “autobiographica”, but that didn’t work, anyway the subconscious finally came up with “” or autobiography – I wanted dots, not periods to separate the syllables but I couldn’t get that to work so I’ll use the periods until I can fix the text. The word is intended to look similar to how a word is broken down in the dictionary.



The title change was the result of the realization that the blog was really about past and current happenings in my life, and the people, places, and things related to those personal events.
I would like the title to be lower case on the landing page, but that will be worked out.

I also plan on doing some color modifications on the banner image.


Take 2 - Polaroid Squareness

. . . as you can see, I’ve been using the Poladroid app ( . . . was chatting with a Polaroid enthusiast in Australia about the old school instant images and realized that I have 5 Polaroid cameras: an SX-70 Original (with the leather trim), the Polaroid 600 Cool Cam, The Reporter and one of the roll-film models. I also have a Polaroid i-zone Instant Pocket Camera.. The i-zone produced postage stamp-sized prints with a sticky back . . . ??

Food for a later post.