NET10 – A Status Quo Alternative

by bookindian

The text on the back of the NET10 cell phone package says “The Best Prepaid Wireless Value In America.” I have to agree – I dumped my expensive phone service provider and opted for the NET10 phone that I saw in K-mart – $39.99 USD plus 300 courtesy minutes. Set-up was a breeze and I have more bars up than with my previous phone. the one thing that sold me on the NET 10 was the LG 220C. I’ve had LG phones before and there was never any problems with them.
I like the fact that the LG220C is small but usable – keypad works well for me, and the screen is bright and easily read in daylight.

So for about $20 USD per month I can text (5 cents per message) and 10 cents per minute for calls, have caller ID and voicemail. A good deal, neh? I think so. Best feature? NO CONTRACT !!