Another Vintage Figure

by bookindian

O.K. I’m a Japan-fan, and at the beginning of the new year in Japan, it’s customary to clean-house, out with the stuff that’s no longer necessary to keep lying about, get rid of the clutter so you can find the things that you need when you need them; and as usual, while rummaging about in a storage closet I found a long forgotten kit model that I built in 1982/1983 – yep, another relic from the past.

A lot my storage boxes are like time capsules, bits and pieces of the past filed away until I clean house at the beginning of each new year. So here’s the latest discovery: (courtesy of Poladroid)


The figure is early Gundam, more konbattoama, not as sophisticated as the Kow Yokoyama scratch builds, but nicely articulated.
I’ll give you 2 or 3 more faux Polaroids and then . . .




. . . one more.


Now it’s time to show what happened while the relic was in transit from the storage closet to the “couch”.


. . . parts began to fall off !!


First the weapon and hand disconnected at the wrist joint – have to consider the fact that the build is over 30 years old . . . and plastic.


. . . . next was the right leg – broken hip socket !! I decided that since bits and pieces were declaring independence that I would liberate the other potential problem pieces.


I’ll post the photos of the dismantled model and its reassembly later. I’m thinking that I will add some “battle damage” to the armor – I really don’t like a pristine model or action figure.

Addendum (2010/31/1)

I’d like to thank my comrades at for all their comments – I just finished a 60 minute jaunt through some background history of my rider suit.
Thanks again . . .

Comments @

wavehawk in Australia
“Blowsperior. Yellow Belmont (Lancer). Man, you DO have some old stuff.
AFAIK, the US never officially imported the model kits. So you were pretty lucky to have come up with this one way back when.”
battrastard in Figure deprived Old Fart in the Southwest
“I agree, having the collection of Harmony Gold’s DVD’s. That’s definitely Lancer. Blue ‘n white colors, I think. The forearm shield is actually a power sword type weapon. Worked pretty good for driving into the top of an Invid Trooper, too!! I do remember seeing a few Alpha models, back in the day, (VF-6?, I think the Shadow Fighter was a VF-7A? ) But I never saw a model for the Cyclone except as a very small 1:35 fig. model. I think those were an old Revell/Tomy/Takara molding, but it’s been so long, I don’t have any now.. Good luck, and show some finished pics, please.”

. . . oops forgot some people . .

Mim in Australia
If I had to take a wild guess its an old Robotech Cyclone rider suit from the original Macross series.

Alfisti in Brisbane, Australia
Cool figure mate…
So are those thumb-prints a result of the polaroid app or actually present?

Anonymous metadata:

R-041 Saber: A special ops mobile suit, the Saber was equipped with retractable vibroblades in the arm mounted CAD’s. For extra firepower the front of the cyclone (chest in soldier mode) mount 6 mini-missiles each.

The Saber is used by Yellow Belmont (Mospeada)/Lancer (Robotech). The VR-041 is known as the Blowsuperior (ブロウスーペリア Burousuuperia?) in Mospeada, homage to the classic English Brough Superior (“Brough” pronounced like “rough”) motorcycles.