Re: Comments on My Posts

by bookindian


Virginia Street 1

just got back from Reno and found a comment waiting for moderation (seems that people associate Reno with gambling, and casinos) – very simply, if you don’t want to be blocked (spam) or have your “comment” moved to the trash, then you need to do more than say something like: “Informative post, I’ll have to bookmark this.” . . . that’s an example of why I dumped my Facebook account and why I don’t “follow’ more than 10 or 12 people on Twitter – I want some input, some relevant content that I can comment on and use to create a dialog, if I want crap, I’ll turn on “Nip/Tuck“.


South of the Atlantis . . .

If you would like to discuss betting strategies, horses in particular, post an intelligent comment or ask a question. “I can’t believe this really works.” That was a comment from someone pushing gambling games. Yeh, I check your links and 90% of the links I’ve checked are loaded with ads . . . if you’re trying to build a following, maybe you should buy one of the books you’re pushing.


. . . north on Virgina Street

Most people who blog view blogging as a method of generating income, and there are plenty of methods out there in the void that guarantee massive riches just waiting to be plucked from under the ass-end of the golden goose. But with so many people messing about the back end of the bird, it’s not surprising that there is so much “stinky-finger” in the monetization community. “Comments” like those mentioned above are no different than the tele-marketing phone calls that come during dinner and at 0830, just after breakfast.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend . . .