MPOV (My Point Of View)

by bookindian

. . . no, it’s not her . . . just a GF from days gone by . . . and some early black and white film manipulation, and for dessert . . . a bit of PhotoShop.

You decide what this post is about . . .

I read “Dune” by Frank Herbert (and most all of his books), also sci-fi by Pol Anderson, Robert Heinlein, the John Carter and the Tarzan epics by Edgar Rice Burroughs – also read William Burroughs, AND “Mad” magazine (just for Kurtzman’s HOT cartoon women), but I learned not to make my plagiarisms obvious . . .

Any of you ever watch “The Fifth Element”?? No “hold-over” VTOL’s combined with ground-pounding armored fighting suits – anime vids got big-ass Gundama, AND Japan built a 1:1 Gundam at Odaiba last summer . . . where was I? oh yeh, Bruce Willis got this hot hyper-drive cab and the float-y sampan “meals-on-wheels” – great action filled story with alien species masquerading in human form, good and evil plot-lines . . . got a tall blue alien, too . . . didn’t take 3 + hours to tell the story either.

BTW, I’ve read the “Avatar” script . . . and they’re still playing golf and using “Titleist” balls?? Get a grip . . . the movie takes place in the year 2154 and hopefully people who get shot into space aren’t still doing the cliched “take-your-toys-with-you” BS.

Reminds me of Will Smith in “I, Robot”, when he puts on his old school Converse basketball shoes . . . c’mon, I don’t recall any crap like that in any of the “classic” sci-fi stories that I’ve read. Oh yeh, isn’t Will Smith on the “Academy“committee that decides who/what gets nominated for an “Award“and WINS the Oscar??

Want to watch a movie with relevant old school brand names?? Dig out a copy of “Demolition Man” with Sly Stallone (almost said Sly and the Family Stone – LOL) – hey, even got a “muscle” car AND a hot female cop – and they were doing some serious neural interfacing in the beginning, remember?? . . . and finally got down to the fluid exchange in the end . . .

I don’t know if the movie follows ‘the script” faithfully, so maybe some of the comments and comparative stuff doesn’t make any sense, BUT, if you read books and watch old movies, then you will be familiar with some of this stream-of-consciousness rambling (too much weed dipped in coke), however, it does relate to “the script” – you really should read it (“the script”), only takes about 45 minutes (150+ pages, BIG type and short sentences) – a “quick read” compared to the flick.

. . . and “unobtanium” (p.17) (see disclaimer), did they really use the word in the film?? . . . as my 21-year-old daughter said after I told her about the “magic” anti-gravity rock, “ . . . sounds like something a ten year old girl would think-up, are you serious?” Personally, I would have called it something like “uranusicillium” (Latin for “silly asshole”), because someone had their collective heads up theirs when they approved the money for this “script”. And they got “mu-shu kata” – what year in the future was this supposed to take place?

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

How about “Star Trek” – In one of the Star Trek episodes the “Enterprise” went to some planet to acquire a “fuel” producing rock . . . uuuh, or maybe that was on “Outer Limits”, but, haven’t some other sci-fi movies used the same idea? “Futurama” did an episode about the “alternative “ fuel source. So the anti-gravity float-y thing is not a new concept, but it does play importantly in the upcoming “beanstalk” caper.
(Suggested reading: “The Smile At the Foot of the Ladder” by Henry Miller)

Dr. Seuss in tha house!! (“School” house that is . . .)

Also, I see a situation similar to one in the “Last Samurai” i.e. a woman who must tolerate an alien/barbarian presence because the authoritarian figure says she must. Yep, got to learn from the barbarian . . . and they got BACON back in tha world?? WOH, WTF – took how many days to write this “script”??

Sounds like one of those things where someone writes a few lines and passes it on to someone else to add a bit more until they decide the piece is finished. OR, like my offspring (again) said, “ it’s like someone said, “where’s the script, we gave all this money and we haven’t seen anything yet, SHOW ME THA SCRIPT!!” . . . you know, like you do a term paper the night before it’s due and hand it in hoping for at least a “D”” Cut and paste, using bits and pieces from old papers and hope the professor hasn’t read the comic book version of “Treasure Island”.

. . . and all this neural interfacing with the beast seems like crap to me. And why are all the beasts having six legs?? Oops, forgot about the female in Star Wars with six, count’em, six BREASTS!! the lady was not a skinny-ass model-type with “nubile breasts“, but what-tha-hell, I bought four of those action figures – never too much of a good thing . . .

Isn’t “Stairway To Heaven” a track off one of the Led Zeppelin albums?? . . . And how did “Jack and the (float-y) Beanstalk” get in the “picture” or the mound/eminence of truth?? Throw in some Latin like “MONS” and impress the literati, neh? When I see the word MONS I think veneris . . . etc, etc, etc.

Interesting aside – the indigenous have a “bonfire” but the humans can’t breathe the “air” . . . WTF!! And now it’s raining!!??

Yep, lots of holes in tha plot . . . uuuh!

Holy CRAP, now it’s time for the “vision quest” with the “spice mélange” that can kill! (apologies to Frank Herbert) Sure sounds like some stiff-back peyote induced strychnine gathering, a “water drum” even . . . For the uninitiated, the peyote cactus “bud” contains strychnine . . . you probably should read “The Teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Casteneda– not the great romancer “Don Juan” but the cactus-crazed Mexican-Indian brujo . . . yeh. The “Native American Church” uses the water drum in its peyote ceremony . . .

That’s all for today children . . . now back to “The Last Boy Scout” (Bruce Willis y’all) . . .

Disclaimer: the words “unobtanium” and “Avatar” are the property of the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation – All Rights Reserved, Copyright (c) 2007