Kia Sorento Mash-Up

by bookindian

Kia Sorento CM

You will have a v-e-r-y hard time convincing me that RED knobby thing in the CM is anything but a DILDO with arms and legs . . . one-eyed Cyclops my ever-loving ass . . .time to stop watching “American Idol”, “Survivor” and the big “O”. . . y’all. The first time I saw this CM, I said to myself, “HOLY CRAP, how did that big red DILDO get into a CM for Kia?? Then my oldest daughter tells me that it’s on a “kids” T.V. show – WTF!!


So this “character” is on a kids show?? Yep, checked it out, BIG RED mofo, 12 or 15 times larger than life . . .

From the Wikipedia: “MunoA male red one-eyed cyclops who’s friendly and first appeared in “Play”. He’s the tallest and is somewhat clumsy (which in one case, was much to Toodee’s chagrin) and he has a close bond with Foofa..”

. . . bet the moms would like to “joyride” this baby!! All you daddies out there, if you see one of these “lying” about . . . uh hunh, uh hunh . . .


This item is advertised as a “cuddle-pillow” – if it had “oppai“, it would be a “dutch-wifu” in Japan . . . cuddle-pillow INDEED!!

I have a photo of something that looks like “Red” – found it in the bottom of an old silo along with used spray cans and other assorted trash – don’t find artifacts like this too often.


. . . doesn’t have arms or legs, and it seems “Big Pink” exhibits some evidence of having been abused . . .

I like the “Joyride” CM (both of them), and the music is excellent, it fits the characters – the sock monkey riding the mechanical bull reminds me of the commercial with the girl riding the “bull” and eating a hamburger. Oh yeh, can’t forget the monkey’s “snow angel” or the jet-ski scene. The “How do you like me now?” lyric was something said in the “Keen Eddie” series, remember?

We need a video called “Joyride” and it would feature the monkey and “Red” (with the original CM soundtrack of course) – “Red” would transform into a “usable” size, and he and the monkey could raise hell in suburbia while the kids are in school and the husbands are at work!! Oh, almost forgot, the toddlers would be watching “Yo Gabba Gabba” on the “tube”, so mom could spend some quality time with Red!!!

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