the day after Monday . . .

by bookindian

. . . well I was surprised by the The Hurt Locker winning best picture AND director, along with 4 other Oscars . . . but what was interesting, is that the director is Cameron’s ex-wifu !!

I don’t think I’ll go see the movie (watched clips and trailers) – Why? I have worked on a couple of projects where I was in close contact with EOD people and they DO NOT have or project an attitude like the characters in the movie. I know, it’s a MOVIE . . . but one doesn’t start pulling a wire and follow it until you’re wearing a skirt of unexploded ordinance . . . and the guy with cell-phone . . . I suppose no one has ever seen the footage of the “insurgent” who takes a round from a grenade launcher in the chest . . .

On a more cheerful note, Iron Man 2 is due out shortly AND I’m definitely going to be in the audience somewhere, watching this, based on the trailers I’ve watched – got Armored Fighting Suits (AFS), Monaco Gran Prix and comic book ambiance . . . so I’ve put up a header/banner photo of the vehicles used in the first Iron Man film – shot this in Lone Pine during the filming. The Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History in Lone Pine also has some props from the first IM movie . . . got some stuff from “Tremors” too. I shot some pics with my keitai of the IM camo netting, ammo boxes with Stark Industries stenciled on them, posters, etc.


Go here for “Iron Man 2 leaked footage sets my pants on fire” from Gizmodo.

And if that’s not enough, what’s even better . . . Scarlet Johannson WAAAH !! NOSEBLEED !! . . . every time I hear her name, all I can see is the scene in the hotel room with her in her underwear in “Lost in TranslationOMFG !!
. . . in the otaku kingdom, when BIG oppai are seen, or an unbearably “cute” girl is showing short skirt and thigh-high stockings, the excitement is so intense that it makes ones nosebleed.
That really was Scarlet in her underwear wasn’t it ??


I can’t wait to see her as the “Black Widow“.

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