the trash man speaks . . .

by bookindian

1525 or 0025 ZULU and its warm today . . .


. . . looked at Dlisted and . . . I’m tired of the red carpet and Hollywood premiers, think I’ll get my ball-peen hammer and e-mail it to him so’s he can “peen” his “peen”, whasa matta, you can’t say PENIS?? – and then I looked up dooce, she misspelled it again, shoulda been douche – mental institution, right . . . got one more to go, then I’ll get back to my life . . .


Already looked at Gala Darling . . . did a fast glimpse of Su somebody and did a rewind to Zoetica Ebb . . . get IT here – black lipstick NEVER looked SO GOOD !!!

. . . Thanks to nubbytwiglet for all the good stuff that I read on her blog . . .

There’s a dumpster somewhere that needs my attention . . .


. . . had a look at “Sea of Shoes“, Jane Aldridge’s blog and found . . . COLORING BOOKS !! Taro Gomi, Tokyo-based illustrator has created “coloring books” of nearly-blank pages with simple instructions – “Doodles” (368 pages), “Squiggles” (204 pages), “Scribbles (368 pages) and “Doodle All Year” (376 pages), four GIANT drawing and coloring books to “awaken creativity” in children of all ages – there could be more . . . thanks to Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes) for posting the photos of her “Doodles” coloring book,


which lead to my discovery of the three other Taro Gomi “activity” books . . .



Jane Aldridge photo - All Rights Reserved 2010

must get at least the “Doodle All Year” copy.


Coloring was one of my most fav past times when I was much younger.

“Doodles”, “Doodle All Year” and “Squiggles” images are the property of their respective owners, Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.