Old School – New World

by bookindian


Profiled . . .

I am a generalist, a concept developer with extensive professional experience in exhibit design, a “cardboard-based” innovator who says “I don’t need no stinking $$$, I just get the J-O-B done!!

What I do best is develop concepts, I’m a developer – I already said that didn’t I – one of my mentors said “tell them, tell them what you told them, and tell them what you told them . . . again.

Definition – “Developer: one who builds or changes and enhances the use of an existing product or programme for some new purpose or to better effect.

Instead of sitting around whining that there is no $$$, I make use of available resources and get the project started, the money follows . . . done.
Now show me to the trash bin . . .

My mantra: “A good hamburger fuels innovation.”

What have I developed?

Most recently, the personal Owens Valley Doll (OVD) – this project concept was researched, a product designed, materials selected, and a 3D prototype produced – the OVD has evolved through various states over a period of 6 months and has ultimately developed into three distinctive types of figures: the “traditional” OVD figure, “Cynthia, Not a Stewardess” and the “new” paper doll.


More stuff:

• Served as a consultant for the Autry National Center, Los Angeles, California, during the initial development phase of an exhibit about the indigenous people of California that was slated to open in 2010.

• Served as a consultant for the redesign and installation of the Anna Kelly basket exhibit at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, California;

• Collaborated with the curatorial staff of the Cleveland of Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, Ohio, on the content and design of an exhibit of basketry from the Anna Kelly collection of Owens Valley Paiute and Shoshone baskets;

• Partnered with the Director of the Eastern California Museum on the proposal and design of a 76-photo exhibition titled “A Personal Responsibility: The Camp Photographs of Toyo Miyatake” for the Eastern California Museum, Independence, California;

• Designed and developed an art-based curriculum (“A–B-C Draw”) aligned with the State of California’s Department of Education Standards and Guidelines (Fine Arts) for teaching composition to students Grade Levels K – 12. This curriculum has evolved into an online post with sample projects offered as down-loadable worksheets.

My elevator pitch:
Old school, new World – Innovative, timeless experience
• Concept/product development from the ground up
• Research and development unique to your company, its culture and environment.


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