MARFA (Not Texas)

by bookindian


“Today” was the day before yesterday (which was Monday), so it would have been Sunday when I originally started this post – since then, I did a multitude of things unrelated to anything electronic but somehow all related to Texas . . .

If you’ve read my earlier post about betting on things, you’ll understand why I wrote this one . . . it’s about a race horse and other things associated with the name of the horse (a colt), sort of.

I was finishing a yard cleaning project and fantasizing . . . Why you ask? If you’ve ever done yard work it’s a no-brainer, so there’s time to think about things other than what you’re doing – like sweating, breathing in dust and wondering how you got into this mess . . . on to the good part of yard work . . . some of the fantasy won’t be published just because it’s personal . . . like you don’t want to hear about Candy Barr and “. . . the sauciest baby doll nightie ever seen , . , “


. . . quick switch to Marfa, Texas in one clean kung-fu move . . . and I think about the thoroughbred race horse Marfa from Marfa, Texas – thought they were playing with the name “Martha” you know, like “Marfa” but then I found out the colt was from Marfa, Texas.


the Chicago Tribune’s Bob Verdi said of Marfa (the horse – Kentucky Derby fave in 1983), called him “the Leon Spinks of racing”, I’m pretty sure he meant horse racing. Well anyway, I saw Marfa when he raced in So Cal at Hollywood Park, I don’t remember too much about him except that he was gray, and a bit rambunctious. Talk was (Daily Racing Form) that he was from Marfa, TX, where-ever-the-hell that is. Quarter horses came from Texas, not thoroughbreds – some pretty harsh language . . . and he was gray.


Marfa won the 1983 Santa Anita Derby and made it to the Kentucky Derby under the tutelage of D. Wayne Lukas, went off as the favorite . . . we know what happens to the favorite . . . yep, he lost, ran fifth.


Which brings me to a story about Leon Spinks:
a former teacher and associate told me about Leon Spinks and the Sphinx (Egypt, of course) – seems there were these two kids in his class (let’s call them James and Homes) anyway, the teacher was discoursing on Egypt and the Sphinx when James raises his hand as asks, “Where the Sphinx be at?” so the teacher says, “ . . . in Egypt, James, I thought you were listening . . .” so James turns and gives Homes that “I-told-you-so” look and Homes sits up, leans toward James and says, “Leon’s in Compton man, not Egypt.” End of story, case closed.

But that wasn’t what made me think about Marfa, Texas . . .

The night before (Sunday), i dialed up “Sea of Shoes” to see what was going on with Jane, and she had posted a goodbye to Marfa (Texas), so I read through and looked at her photos of the SXSW thing (SXSW = South by South West) . . , a music thing I think, and that’s the subliminal link . . .

And today is Tuesday, and I am FINALLY beginning to understand the Preview and iPhoto apps on this Mac (I presume that I am) and “how-to-delete” photos that I no longer need, and the FUCKING cursor keeps jumping around the document like some crazed flea trying to find Angelina Jolie. Y’all saw “Lice Capades” on South Park, right? Tried to find a link but kept coming up with shitheads using “Lice Capades” and “Angelina Jolie” tags to scam you into clicking onto their miserable crap.

Got the cool jockey pins at the race track, either Hollywood Park or Santa Anita . . . don’t remember which track.