ramen or RAMEN?

by bookindian

There’s ramen and then there’s RAMEN . . .

I was talking with my oldest daughter this a.m. and we had a lively discussion about what students eat – the whole thing started after I told about a discussion I had at the market. I was checking out and had purchased a box of Maruchan Ramen (chicken flavor), 3 for $1 or $8 for the whole box (24). The young girl who was bagging my stuff made a comment about having ramen the day before and I asked her if she added veggies or anything to the noodles. She said, “no.” and I suggested that maybe next time throw in some frozen vegetables or even add some meat. Now that’s RAMEN.


How-to-make RAMEN

Add frozen vegetable – there’s always a good selection of different combinations in the frozen food section;
you can add fresh stuff, like green onions, bok choy (aka Chinese cabbage), use your imagination. I like the flavor of bok choy so I tend to use it quite often.


“Green onions” are also called scallions.


And you can always toss some thin-sliced meat like chicken or pork – if you stash the chicken, pork or whatever, in the freezer for about 45 minutes, it will firm-up and be easier to slice. You can give the meat a quick fry in a pan (marinade or season with teriyaki sauce or shoyu)


. . . what you use is up to you. Don’t forget the pepper, pepper is the “spice of life” – don’t use the finely ground stuff cos it is bland compared to the course ground version; I use a course ground black pepper (Tradewinds).


Course ground pepper is powerful stuff, so you might want to use a medium grind – like in the photo.

Now this section is for the adventurous – how about if you cook-up your ramen AND drain off the stock, use a strainer and save the broth in a glass container (old peanut butter jar with the lid) – next get the jar of spaghetti sauce out of the cupboard, put a portion of it into a sauce pan (stick the rest in the fridge) and heat what’s in the pan – when heated, pour over the ramen.
WHAT?? you say, spaghetti sauce on my ramen? You got it mate.

PIZZA – “Take-and-Bake” and frozen

My daughter adds tomato sauce (not tomato paste) to her frozen pizzas to give them more of that “delivered” taste. And you can always add some extra toppings, like fresh mushrooms (eat SHITake), fresh red or green bell peppers – a really BIG “take-and-bake” pizza at the market where I shop costs less than $12 dollars, so for the price of a large pizza at the local pizza place, you can buy a “take-and-bake”, add some liquid refreshment, then watch the T.V. or play some game and you don’t have to drive home later.

Shitake – this is my fave, the Lentinula edodes. YUM.


. . . and the portobella or Champignon Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus).


Saw program on the white mushroom above and it seems that these guys are not more than 36 hours out of the cradle, fresh!

Buy some resealable (zip-lock) plastic bags and freeze single serving portions of chicken, beef or pork – fish too if you’re bent that way. Don’t freeze potatoes cos they tend to go all mushy when you thaw them out – not a good thing. The baggies come in handy for left-overs, like pizza.