Fake Karl . . .

by bookindian


I recently upgraded the software on the G4 Powerbook that I’m using and I HATE the new version of IPhoto – I don’t need all the meta-crap . . . I’m going to get the new iPad, but I’m seriously thinking that I’ll also replace the Apple G4 with a Dell laptop (mini), because I can’t get to the photos that I recently uploaded.

Oh well . . .

Have you ever clicked onto Karl Lagerfeld’s “Guide to Life”? Well, I’m not sure the post is by the REAL Karl Lagerfeld or some démodé FAKE, but be that as it may, I’m not sure which is better – his clothing or the blog.

The new post on the site is titled “Oh Gee” and it’s about Scott Schuman whoever-the-fuck he is. Go here to find out a bit more . . . after looking at his photo on the link, I’m of the opinion that his face is probably a mirror image of his tightly clenched butt cheeks.

Even Karl Lagerfeld has been known to grimace on occasion.

Like “Karl” said (the internet IS a free for all) and I said, there is no “high art” on the Internet and . . . the Internet IS a “free-for-all”, one massive “cluster fuck” in every sense of the word . . . sort of like the CM where all the loonies in the stands jump onto the court to have a go at the poor tennis ball – and Scott is right in the middle . . . only he doesn’t “get it”.

“Oh Gee” – you’re right Karl, I thought he (Scott Schuman) said he was going to quit working to take care of his daughter . . . but he’s off and running around in Italy, Germany and god-knows-where, taking “high art” street fashion photos with his “digital camera”. . . uh hunh, uh hunh . . . uh, right.

The REAL Karl Lagerfeld site is here.
The Lagerfeld landing page . . . BRANDED . . .

HOLY CRAP his (Karl’s) fashion stuff for mens is KOKKUI!! Probably costs a ton of $$$ but you won’t be “démodé” no mo, Fo ev-ah!!

And, oh yeh, Scott who? Does he have his profile on a bottle of Coca-Cola Light?


I don’t know if this is available in the U.S., but in France it costs 60+ Euros for one bottle in a a fancy box . . . oh, and you get a special bottle opener in its own special drawer! BTW – Karl’s Coca-Cola “bottle” is al-u-min-um . . . OMFG!!

And, 250,000 views on Scott’s blog per Diem? WTF, he’s upset with some parody blog that gets 50 hits per day . . . about what? Hey, I even went to his blog to have a look at his “precious” photos . . . ain’t no Brassai, Winogrand, Robert Frank or Mary Ellen Mark.

A photography instructor I had once said, “Don’t let your photography become precious, if you do, it will become shit.”

Scott is SOOOOO démodé . . . sartorial? NO . . .

. . . uh hunh, uh hunh . . . yeh.