My Workspace

by bookindian

Thought I would throw out some photos of the space where I “work” . . .


. . . the reason behind this post is as follows: Danny Choo of is putting together OTACOOL 3, the theme of which is “Your Workspace” – approximately 200 “workspaces” will be featured in the publication. OTACOOL 3 is the sequel to OTACOOL (photos of your room) and OTACOOL 2 which featured cosplayers from around the world. Oh, OTACOOL (the first of the OTACOOL series) also drew from the global otaku community as will OTACOOL 3.


Miscellaneous equipment: Flip Mino HD videocam (custom urban camouflage), iPod Touch (in the gray bag) and the case with my second set of eyes . . . oh yeh, and the second prime lens for my Canon 10D (Canon EF 50mm 1:1.4).

When I think of a “workspace”, I visualize an area with “tools of the trade” lying about a work area, be it a table, workbench, etc., however most of the “workspace” photos posted for the OTACOOL 3 book so far, have been of desks with laptops, graphics pads, dual flat screen monitors and a comfy chair from Ikea or some such place, and no real evidence of actual “work” taking place in the said locations. Maybe if you’re a programmer or graphic designer, then, Yes, I can accept the “squeeky” clean desktops, but nowhere is there any evidence of any pencils or stuff that one associates with “real” work.


. . . the bucket for my “butt” . . . with custom floor rug seat cushion.

Danny Choo has posted photos of various Japanese figure developers and the workspaces where the prototypes for the 3D anime figures and such are produced; there was an obvious lack of laptops and monitors with anime screen savers. Lots of WIP, exhaust fans, compressors, airbrushes and clutter however . . .


Halo 3 environmental inspectors . . .


Special flavors of “eye” candy for nutrition breaks . . .

As you can see, I don’t use a fancy swivel chair, nor are there any monitors or a laptop in evidence, just an OTT light for extra contrast, a piece of painter’s drop cloth covering a table I use as a work surface, the knives I use to sculpt the polymer clay to create my 3D figure concepts.


“Modding” the right arm . . .

The “wet” clay is cured in a toaster oven in a separate room with an exhaust fan to get rid of the polymer fumes. (no pics)


Captain America likes my selection of blades . . .


And there is usually sketch paper and pencils (remember what those were used for) close by for the flashes of genius.

I realize that a large majority of the viewers are students, so maybe a zeen or more posts featuring the modelers of the anime and action figure world is in order . . . some “real” workspaces . . . after all, without them there is no fuel for the otaku engine.