Mwah, mwah, Dah-ling . . .

by bookindian

Holy crap, I was just reading “Karl’s Little Rule Book” . . . you know who I’m talking about . . . anyway, I have a confession to make . . .

. . . true, I’m, confessing . . . “Bless me Father, for I have SINNED . . . ” the last time I went to confession I was 11 years old . . . and after a very awkward silence the priest said, “And what are your sins, my son?” . . . more silence in the darkness . . .


My three most fav blogs are (not in order of preference) nubbytwiglet, seaofshoes and stylerookie . . . and none of them are of the male persuasion . . . oh, and gotta throw agent lover in tha mix . . . yeh, almost forgot fakekarl . . . I have this theory about fakekarl (Karl Lagerfeld’s Guide to Living) and that is: fakekarl is . . . but IF fakekarl really IS Karl Lagerfeld, then I just pee’d my jeans! (actually Levi 501’s cos the “skinny” kind won’t stay up – no hips!!) . . . the links to all these cool sites are stuck at various appropriate places throughout the post . . .

None of these blogs are about TV or movie personalities or politics or religion; they’re about fashion (clothing) and LIFE . . . NEVER boring . . . nubby always has great links and I end up spending too much time checking them out – but there’s always good stuff at the end of the two hour rainbow.

Karl is that really you? The REAL Karl has a limited edition Diet Coke with his undeniably cool silhouette on the “aluminum” container . . . uh . . . not available in the démodé U.S. of A.


. . . now THIS is a photograph of the REAL Karl (Lagerfeld for those of you who aren’t in the KNOW . . .)

here’s a link for those of you who need more titillation . . .

I check out agent lover mostly cos she is one HAWT plentiful BABE, big chest parts and all . . . and she’s always showing the good stuff under her face (you know wat I meen!!) . . . couple pics of her and I never need to worry ‘bout my pants falling down!

Hmmm . . . if I tape couple of her pics on the inside of my glasses I could wear the “skinny” jeans!! I know she’s (the Lover) from the L.A. area . . . how I know this? She went to the “Bug Day” at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, I SAW the fotos . . . duh. I did a performance piece at the “Museum” back before the turn of the century and I visited the Insect Zoo . . . at feeding time!


This is a velvet ant . . . think about how many of these you would need to make a jacket . . .

Actually learned about seaofshoes one day whilst checking nubby’s page . . . SOS is by way of Texas – Texas is sort of like Cleveland Ohio, a very under-appreciated part of the U.S. It’s overlooked and the people that live there like it that way . . . don’t need all them damn Californicators moving in and spoiling the neighborhood with their pineapple pizza and such degenerate foodstuffs . . . yeh.


Yeh, and stylerookie . . . she’s one lake-shore dweller that just writes GREAT stuff. (My first serious post-puberty crush was on a girl from Chicago) . . . met her – the crush – in Santa Fe NM back in the 1960’s and the world was never the same.


. . . snagged this pic from the Chicago Tribune . . . yum!!

Zaytune Mediterranean Grill (Chicago)- Hummus and warm pita ($2.25-$3.75) are enough for two to share as an appetizer, and if you dine in, soft drinks are refillable. You’ve got three entree options: a wrap ($4.95-$5.95) filled with falafel or your choice of meat, a salad bowl ($5.95) and a grill platter ($7.95) served with rice, veggies and meat or falafel.

Sooo . . .ladies keep up the great work, without you my life would truly be boring . . . out here in this “food desert” . . . 15 miles to the nearest “SUPER market” . . . uh huh.