Museums . . . FTW!!

by bookindian

Control . . . uuh . . . “Mortal Combat” . . . Traci Lords . . .

And then I got an e-mail from an associate . . . “Get Off the Couch” it said, stop blogging . . . Jon is a museum director . . . so this post will be about museums, what they could be and what they are OR what they are and what they could be.

I would just sit outside and look at the building . . . what’s inside probably isn’t as interesting as the exterior . . .


I’ve been associated with several museums for at least 20 years – as a docent, as an employee, a consultant, and as a lecturer.


As I was talking with Jon, I began to see museums as websites – things with a lot of static content, requiring maintenance by specialists, people who know HTML, CSS, etc, so on and so forth. Lots of planning and preparation, mucho inertia – blogs on the other hand are user friendly, which allows for spontaneity . . . yeh, it’s helps to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, however, it’s not really necessary.

So what am I getting at?

Some web sites and blogs have GOOD content and are enjoyable – others SUCK!! Same thing is true of museums . . . some have great content (presentation/interpretation) while others follow some archaic methodology developed long before all the audio/visual technology that’s available today.


With all the wifi and smart phone technology, why hasn’t someone tapped into this information sharing system to make the data stashed away in museum archives available to the interested public, you know, like pics of unique items . . . what good is all the information and stuff if we can’t access it??

Yeh, yeh . . . you can “rent” some silly-ass podcast mecha or some such thing (sloppy-seconds, no?), but WHY?? Why can’t I dock my iPod/iPod Touch or smart phone at some convenient exhibit content USB hub and suck up photos and some audio, then go wander around and have a nice bit of personal time looking at things . . .

Lecture by Hannibal Lector . . .


There’s only a finite amount of space to store all the crap that’s been accumulating in museums over the years, and if people can’t see it or don’t even know that it exists, what good is it?

Publish the GPS coordinates for your museum . . . people have GPS in their vehicles . . . Oh, and if they don’t, they probably are using their Blackberry or iPhone to dial-up Google maps to find where the next “In-n-Out” is . . . Uh huh.


Oh yeh . . . get a museum BLOG, then people can comment without having their intellect challenged by being expected to scribble some intelligible remark on piece of paper with lines on it (guest book) . . . bad memories of SCHOOL!
HEY, you could even incorporate a “POLL” in your post . . . BLOG STATS!! . . . CGM . . . Link the blog to Twitter . . . and . . .

. . . OH Crap, my brain is beginning to leak out through my right nostril, so I’ll stop before things get TOO serious . . .


YEH, control . . . it’s all about who has the most “paper” hanging on the wall, and calling your “storage” facility a “campus” . . . can you get a degree at a museum now? . . . for the price of admission? You know, like the National Park Service “Passport” thing . . . get your “Passport” stamped at the visitor information desk . . . don’t know what you get when you fill you “passport” . . .

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