Bad-ass, kick-ass . . . rock-and-roll

by bookindian

Kick-ass“, “BAD-ass” and “rock and roll

O.K. I’m very tired of the following terms or phrases: “Kick-ass”- if I kick your ass, you will be walking around like Daffy Duck when HE got HIS feather-y little cartoon-ass KICKED . . . his butt was up between his shoulder blades . . .

So what does it mean? Like “awesome” or “extreme” ?? Maybe it means something like: “. . . SHIT!!, that really knocked my dick in the dirt!!” Now that’s a bit more graphic and expressive.

Gunny on “Mail Call” never said “kick-ass”, he said “. . . open a can of whup-ass . . .” Getting your ass “whupped” can mean one or two things: the first is like getting your ass whipped with a stick or belt, and both of them hurt!! And getting your ass whipped or “whupped” can also mean “getting the shit kicked out of you”, you know, like some big gorilla physically mauls you with his fists and boots, leaving you bloody and hurting.

Now, let’s move on to “bad-ass” . . . “That’s so bad-ass . . . “ reminds me of the “old man” on “Pawn Stars” when he says he wants the truck he bought to look “bad-ass” . . . WTF? So does he want blue lights in the wheel wells and those skinny tires on 24 inch rims . . . pin-stripes and the bed on hydraulics? WTF do you mean?? “Bad-ass” . . .

Bad-ass” and “kick-ass” are two phrases that bring to mind “Fred the Raver” (YouTube), I watched “Fred” and I’m still waiting for something to happen . . . the expression on Fred’s face was “uunh . . . UUUNH my dad fed me chili last night and now these butt nuggets really hurt leaving the old poop chute . . .” – I was not even slightly amused or impressed by “Fred the Raver”.

And so we get to my fave crap phrase . . . “rock and roll” “That’s so rock and roll . . .” I always thought “rock and roll” was a type of music, you know, like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard . . . but no, it’s wannabe “fashionistas” with tats all up and down their arms and around the neck . . . OH YEH, don’t forget the spike-y hair and piercings . . . is THAT “rock and roll”??

I saw a video on YouTube a while back . . . this elderly lady was crossing the street (in the cross-walk) and this “bad-ass” punk was in his car waiting for her to cross the street . . . well, he got impatient and honked his horn . . . then he honked again . . . and the lady turned and looked at him . . . then, when the woman was directly in front of his car, the shithead HONKED his horn AGAIN . . . the lady turned and swung her purse (it was rather large) hitting the grill of the car with considerable force. The impact of the purse caused the driver-side air bag to deploy and “kill” the engine . . . then she continued across the street.

So what’s the point . . . what I’m saying is, THINKING that you are a “rock and roll”, “bad-ass” or “kick-ass” person don’t mean shit, it DON’T MEAN NOTH-THEENG . . . cos there’s a little old lady out there, somewhere, who will clean your “rock and roll” clock and think nothing of it . . .

Some other hyphenated “ass” words . . . “candy-ass”, “silly-ass”, “dumb-ass” and here’s my favorite: “shit-ass”. . . so much STINK . . . so it turns out that “ass” can be used as a suffix . . . and should only be used with adverbs (so “bad-ass” is O.K., but it needs a definition) . . . have a nice-ass weekend.

p.s. When I hear the term “bad-ass” , I think of “bad-hair”, you know, like a “bad-hair” day . . .