You Say It’s Your Birthday . . .

by bookindian

Yeh, it’s my birthday . . .

Today is/was my 66th birthday, and to celebrate I went to J.C. Penney’s and bought some white cotton t-shirts (50 USD gift card) – gonna make some hand-screened stuff with my graphic designs – and then my daughter and I went to the Paiute Palace Casino. If you go to the casino on your birthday, you get the equivalent of your age in complimentary USD $$ . . . so I started out with $66 and cashed out twice, once with $52.00 and after lunch with $55.60. Oh, and we had a sandwich in the Tu-Ka-Novi Restauranttu-ka-novi is Owens Valley Paiute for food or eat house. I had a pulled pork sandwich with fries, and my daughter had the “Palace” sandwich (roast beef, jack cheese and Ortega chili on sourdough bread – toasted) with a very nice salad. With beverages, the total was less than $20. The portions were more than generous and the pork was the best I’ve had in a restaurant, amen, the end. 5 stars for the pulled pork sandwich.

A bit of advice, fakekarl . . . go to your local casino and breathe in the smoke-tinged atmospherics . . . lose yourself in the moment as the cherries and bars of the quarter machine rotate behind the glass in front of you, and the electronic fake bells and whistles vie for your attention.


Stress is DEMODE . . . imagine yourself sitting in a dim room, at a table, in a straight-back chair, your right hand on the little magic slider (planchette) of a Ouija board . . .


and repeat this phrase,” New York is a bushwa town . . . New York is a bushwa town . . .” as it spells DEMODE . . . planchette (French) translates to “small plank” in English.