Doing things . . .

by bookindian

Doing the things I used to do . . .

. . . to paraphrase Chuck Berry, I’ve “. . . started back doing the things I used to do . . .” – stencils and spray paint – I’m still up to my ankles in denim and the boro concept project, but I decided to work outside the box for a bit and do some t-shirts and graffiti influenced graphics . . . now I have paint stained left hand . . . I have to hold the cardboard while spraying, so the paint gets on my hand as well as the stencil.

Sho Chiku Bai Organic Nama Sake. . . holy crap, I KNEW this organic crap couldn’t be from Japan . . . I was ko-wrecked, the rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley, that’s in Cali-land, right?

I got this on my birthday, Sunday . . .


NICE body . . . uh, I mean bottle” . . . got the Organic Certified – OCIA seal on the back along with this blurb: “This draft-type Nama Sake is delicious, full-bodied sake with a hint of fruity aroma. It’s mild, smooth and fresh taste pair well with a wide range of foods, from sushi to teriyaki dishes.” Oh . . . K-A-Y, but can you get a buzz? I’m not a sake snob, so it goes well with chips-and-dip (your choice of flavor) and chili dogs with grated cheese and diced onions. Oh, you can drink it while you nosh on sushi or the teriyaki stuff mentioned in the above text. BUT . . . if you really want to get on the edge, put the bottle in the freezer section of the frig and wait until the liquid gets “slushy”, and then treat yourself to a truly AWESOME brain-freeze!! This Nama Sake is best when chilled . . . I gave up on warm or hot sake after drinking shoju with a Korean artist/friend.