Average . . .

by bookindian

Average . . .

“I’ve known more than a few Japanese who got upset when I “complimented” them on being unique or different — they preferred to be thought of as futsuu, meaning normal, the same as everyone else. I even knew a programmer at an eroge company who legally changed his name to Reiji Abe, which is abere-ji or “average” when read in Japanese name order, which he said was his favorite word of English.

It’s been said that when Japanese “rebel” against the larger society around them by, say, joining a boso-zoku biker gang, they’re essentially moving from one “normal” in-group to a smaller one.” This was lifted from J-list’s Friday update . . .

. . . why did I dream of my first wifu last night??

I just returned to JetDaisuke’s YouTube channel – here’s a v-blogger who is head-and–shoulders in front of dannychoo in terms of cultural relevance and content . . . no one-trick pony . . . Jet is not stuck in the “cute” otaku rut, which is where I see dc.com . . . AND, if you want to learn Japanese, dial up Jet and give a listen . . . I’ll be getting my NEW iPod Touch next week . . . oo-o-o-o . . . jetdaisuke has been in the back of my mind for two weeks . . .

Now for the rest of the news . . . I’ve decided to get an iPad after all . . won’t be until the first part of 2011, but I did some serious butt-clenching mind warp and decided that there are enough apps for the iPad that I don’t really need a Macbook . . . redundancy in the Macbook programs makes for some long ritualistic searching for stuff that should be a simple find . . .

iPad with Wi-Fi 32GB

* Ships: Within 24hrs
* Free Shipping
* $599.00


Case: $39.00

Camera Connection Kit: $29.00

10W USB Power Adapter: $29.00

Total: $696.00

I pick-up my NEW iPod Touch next week!!

And, why do designers make sleeves and pants legs either too short or too long? Really, make up your fucking minds, I’m tired of seeing bony-ass wrists and ankles, or baggy trouser/pants legs and the cuffs on shirt sleeves covering the knuckles . . .

What else? Why can’t there be more “pop-up” stores? You know, like a big building with lots of vendors who sell whatever it is that they make, for 3 or 4 days, and then disappear for 3 or 4 months . . . There’s this HUGE vacant building in the next town that is just begging for something like a “Pop-Up Store” mall . . . do this thing twice a month with different vendors each session, no repeat offenders . . . let’s not be satisfied with being “average” . . .