by bookindian

Underpants G-nome

WAAAH !! OMG OMG OMG . . . under pants, pants under . . .


I started to write a poontang tribute to porn queens but got sidetracked . . .


Why does the Inyo County Office of Education have to bring Sherman Alexie to talk about poverty, racism and “following tradition”?? What’s wrong with a local Indian . . . we kicked cavalry ass with just bow and arrows AND no horses, just bare feet . . . don’t need feathers and powwow fancy-dance costume to be Indian, you just look at me and little children run and hide behind mommy and I’m not talking little “white” kids, Indian kids run too, cos I’m one scary motherfucker. Sherman Alexie reminds me of Conan (TV host) who I don’t find amusing, and George Lopez (late-night comedian??) who I cannot stand . . . why do all the media comedy dah-lings wear suits??

Alcoholism?? There are as many non-Indian drunks in town as Indian drunks, the difference is, the non-Indians don’t stagger down the side of the road to the liquor store . . . they drive . . . and they usually are in line at Von’s, not the liquor store. Racism? Indians are extremely prejudiced, they blame the “white-man” for All their problems. and discriminate against fellow tribal members who try to better themselves.

Two men (Tom and Harry) go fishing together, one is an Indian Tom) and the other is “white” (Harry) . . . Harry keeps having to stop his fishing activities to keep his worms (bait) from crawling out his bait-box. This goes on for some time and finally, the Harry asks Tom shy his worms aren’t crawling out of his bait-can, and Tom says, They’re Indian worms, they keep pulling each other down . . .

And poverty . . . same as alcoholism , , , actually the Indians on the four reservations in this region have access to “commodities” (monthly), a quarterly state gaming revenue sharing check, and they pay no sales tax on items purchased and delivered to their reservation residence (new cars, appliances, building materials, etc.).

Another bit of information:

Did you know that the stem cell horror story is nothing but CRAP? You can use “cord blood” (blood from the umbilical cord taken at birth) to grow the “stem” cells, so all the anti-abortion crap about using the “stem” cells of unborn fetuses is just that, “shit”, stirred up to cloud issues. Thank you, all you Christian assholes, now I have to catch a plane to Indonesia to get my eye fixed . . .