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by bookindian

Apps . . . fotografika

A little something that I have noticed about foto apps for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. . . people just don’t “get it” . . . just because you got the latest iteration of the iPhone doesn’t mean that you will EVER use it as the “tool” that it is . . . s-o-o-o . . .


If you think that your iPhone 4 or whatever “smart”phone yer carrying, is an alternative to buying a full-blown digital camera . . . uh, maybe you should have kept the old cell phone you bought 5 years ago . . . None of the apps available are going to change your diaper, some things you will have to do yourself.

Here are three apps that will springboard your ass off the the couch: Photo Shop Express, Lo-Mob, and ShakeItPhoto . . . use them to expand the images of the onboard camera, or use Lo-Mob and ShakeItPhoto instead of the default mecha.

I also downloaded Hipstamatic, CrossProcess, Doublexpo, ShakeIt, C4LA, and PhotoTropadelic – the last two apps use line art graphics and some truly imaginative posterization- these apps allow for manipulation of your default cam images, so you can create really impressive slideshows.

For the video cam, I added iMovie (here’s a nice tutorial) and Splice . . . Splice let’s you “splice” video clips togedda . . . duh . . . but you can also use it to make fades with your stills . . . use PS Express on the stills and then Splice them together for transitional inserts between vidklips . . . iMovie . . . well, I used Splice to create clips, and then used iMovie to add music . . . you can use Splice to make titles and insert text.

The concept here is, if you’re going for some kind of visual story, shoot stills and video . . . yeh, I know, you might have to THINK . . . WTF!! . . . you’ll get over it.


None of these apps are stand-alone, that is, individually they do not provide someone unfamiliar with the basics of photography or 2-D graphics, a singular solution for creating a “work-of-art” . . . so stop whining for “updates”, and don’t give an app a bad review if your iPhone isn’t running the latest OS version . . . AND remember, the app that costs .99 cents could be like $99 for your laptop, or $499 instead of $4.99, and the big boy versions would have capabilities that you would NEVER use in your yuppie lifetime . . .


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