iPod camera . . .

by bookindian

iPod Photo app

I spent approximately 30 minutes reviewing the photo apps that I loaded onto the iTouch . . . and here’s some information that might be of some use . . . My favorite is the Hipstamatic . . . I use the Kodot XGrizzled film setting with the Bettie XL lens . . . The Bettie lens setting gives you simulated light leaks that are just like what used to happen on real film if your bellows had a hole or two. . . AND, if you want creative shots off the big screen, this is the lens for crazy stuff.

. . . this is a photo taken with the default camera . . . my hipsta lava lamp getting in the mood . .


And, this image is/was taken with the Hipstamatic app . . .


As you can see, the Hipstamatic pic has a bit more of the “classic” rectangular 35mm format . . .

Some pics from the internet . . .

Bettie XL lens


. . . Kodot “film” . . .


. . . and a foto of an album “stack” . . .


The appeal of this app is in its similarity to the Diana camera film images . . . I still have “retro” film cameras as well as several Polaroid cameras, so this app is sort of like “comfort food” for an old school camera junkie . . .

The world famoso Diana camera . . . plastic . . . uh huh!


RE: the Diana camera:”As there is no shutter lock, and the shutter mechanism is always held in tension by a spring, multiple exposures with the Diana can be achieved by multiple operations of the shutter release without advancing the film.“. There is an app for the iPod Touch that lets you make double exposures . . . more on that later.
Here’s a link for those of you who still shoot film . . . and live near Irvine CA . . .

. . .HIPSTAMATIC. my most favorite camera app . . . so far.. .

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