Ball joint dolls . . . again

by bookindian

Ball joint dolls . . . again


Seems that Hans Bellmer wasn’t the only person playing with BJ figures during the early 1900’s . . . Man Ray was photographing set-ups using jointed wooden manikins, although not as large scale as Bellmer’s dolls.


While looking through the Man Ray photo archives, I found a series of images tagged “the Woodmans” . . . male and female manikins, approximately 1/6 scale, posable artist’s 3D drawing aids . . . the series was basically set of “erotic” scenarios, with the Woodmans illustrating various sexual positions . . . Mr Woodman had a very obvious bit of “wood” showing . . . LOL!!


“Mr. Woodman and the Mrs.” . . .




I mention Man Ray, because he was “solarizing” images (early 1900’s), and I was searching for examples since the PhotoForge app (ver. 1.91) has filter effects that will generate faux solarization with both color and black & white images.


The PhotoForge app is on my camera-less iPod Touch (OS upgraded to ver. 4.2.1) and works great . . . and I should add that PhotoForge (ver. 1.9.1) offers MORE adjustments and effects than Photo Shop Express . . . c’mon Adobe . . . duh . . .

I have Photo Shop Express installed on the new iTouch, but after working with PhotoForge, PSE is sitting in the proverbial corner saying, ” . . . What’d I do, what’d I do??”

I’ve read some interesting comments regarding the latest version of PhotoForge . . . WTF!! I can crash most of the apps I have installed on my iPad mini, but remember, WHAT it is that you’re actually holding IN YOUR HAND ain’t no freaking super computer in the Lawrence Livermore Labs . . . but close enough for the Post Office . . . Nuff said!!


The above image is a PhotoForge/Layers combo , , , took about 20 minutes. An image like this, 10 years ago would have taken several days, if not weeks to generate – high contrast negs and positives, etc., etc., etc. s-o-o-o, like this image can be enlarged to wall-size with the printing technology available today.

Some of what Photo Shop Express doesn’t have, but what I got with the early version of PhotoForge:

Listed under “filters”:

. . . vignette, Lomo, “Sin city“, watercolor, oil painting, “night vision, negative, Sunset, BlueSky, emboss – these are just some of the items in the catalog of effects . . .

As for Adjustments:

. . . curves, tilt/shift (depth of field), auto exposure and white balance, noise reduction, and more, remember, this is on version 1.9.1 . . .


Sin City, posterize, curves, ramped contrast, hue/saturation . . .

All Man Ray images are the property of the Man Ray Trust, and the Bellmer images are the property of their respective owners.

Preliminary draft sent from my iPod Touch with photos added.