Arizona . . .

by bookindian

I watched a TV program a few days ago called “The Doomsayers“, actually I only saw the last few minutes, but that was enough to cause me to write this post . . . one of the things that was said was that the United States needs to get back to conventional modes of transportation, specifically, railroads. And another issue raised was that we (the United States) need to become more selfsfficient, less dependant on others, not to wait for someone else to do it . . .

With all the media coverage of the shooting in Arizona, the outpouring of concern and such on the internet, one thing stood out: no one bothered to report the crap this piece of shit was posting on MySpace or YouTube . . . WTF!! THERE IS A LITTLE BUTTON THAT YOU CAN CLICK and REPORT things a bit strange . . . the shootings are a result of no one caring enough, or able to recognise aberrant behavior, primarily because “punked” and”jackass” behaviour have become the accepted standard of social expression.

Why didn’t the clerk report his/her concern to the police when the shooter attempted to purchase ammunition, but was refused due to his unusual behaviour?

Why do the all the people who had concerns about the individual’s personality come out of he woodwork after the fact??

. . . The people of America, are responsible for the deaths and the shooting, because they are apathetic . . . America is too concerned about how many “friends” they have, about not being “judged”. . . America has no culture and no fucking balls . . . the inmates (Tea Party and Republicans) are running the asylum . . .