Walking tha blog . . .

by bookindian

So the photo exhibit I’ve been working on, officially launched today with an article in the local rag . . . photos of 4 of the Curtis prints that will be in the exhibit and text from correspondence between me and the Museum director . . .

The following text is what was supposed to be published, but wasn’t . . . Uh hunh!

“The Curtis/Forbes exhibit, titled “1000 Words or More . . .”, anchors the first in a series of proposed collection-based photographic exhibitions at the Eastern California Museum.

The exhibition is a new direction for the museum, one that integrates process and the history of a process – a new approach to the concept and development of museum exhibitions.

Guest curator Richard Stewart, working in collaboration with the Museum staff, and a network of colleagues, is organizing the exhibition, which is slated to open to the public in March 2011 and run through February 2012.”

Next activity on the schedule is painting the walls and the floor of the exhibit space . . . taped 9 photocopies if the Forbes images on the wall to get a sense of scale for the final exhibition prints –

The above is an Andrew Forbes image, shot in a studio setting . . . is very similar to a Curtis image, but showing cultural adaptation . . .