Heyday . . .

by bookindian

Heyday . . .

I got this letter from Heyday publishing over in Berkeley CA, asking for permission to reprint “Pear Orchard” from “The Dirt is Red Here” . . . can’t refuse, a poeta needs to get the word out, neh? Well, the poem will be in a tome to be published in 2012, titled “Califlora: A Literary Field Guide”, WAIT just a freaking minute, isn’t the apocalypse due in 2012?? WTF!! Oh well . . . the pear orchards I wrote about lived through some hard times, so I seriously doubt the doomsayers know what be happening, least of all the end if the world or something like that . . . we made it into the new millennium didn’t we, I mean, WTF? . . . technology has only improved.

Oh yeh, my poem . . . I wrote 36 pieces in 1997, based on my travels through
Manzanar War Relocation Center, as an interpretive tour guide, BEFORE the National Park Service interpretive rangers had settled their asses into the confines of their air-conditioned cubicles. Like I said, the pear trees been through a lot, and between me and the crows, the termites, drought and no pruning for 50 years, I ain’t worried about the end of the world . . . The pear trees will be here long after I’m gone . . .