by bookindian

. . . been off the blogmobile for a few days, working on the Curtis/Forbes photo exhibit . . . painting gallery walls and such . . . working on a personal video using the 8mm video app on the iPod Touch.
Saw a piece about a 30 minute movie made by a Korean film producer shot with the iPhone . . . Park Chan-Wook

“Award-winning director, Park Chan-Wook shot a a 30-minute film used two iPhones to shoot ‘Night Fishing’.”

A South Korean director has shot a major film using two iPhones.
The picture resolution is the same as conventional movies, but took just 80 people, $133,000 and 10 days to create.
The iPhone movie will be the first ever of its kind to be shown in cinemas.”

And I found the camera housing shown in the photo . . . the OWLE Bubo . . .

The housing includes a tripod mount, a wide-angle lens and hand grips for steadier handheld shots.