Trouble in Paradise . . .

by bookindian

Seems like uploading images from the iPod Touch camera roll is problematic for the WP mobile app . . . Crashed twice in the last 30 minutes . . . sent crash reports . . . ain’t no big thing . . . could be some incompatibility issue between manipulated images and the WP app.

Onboard iPod camera manipulated with the Photo Shop Express app . . . photo uploaded O.K.

The photo below was taken with the Betty XL lens and Kodot XGrizzled film settings on the Hipstamatic app

The doll is a “found” object that I sprayed with a sealer to preserve the distressed surface features. I think the doll is an old Barbie . . . there were two other dolls with Barbie.

The rubber bands holding the arms had rotted and the arms fell off.

This doll was missing arms, but had a knitted or crocheted dress that was falling apart . . . since the proportions were almost right, I added the arms from the second doll to the one above . . . the Barbie had arms, so did the second one, and the third one didn’t, at least I couldn’t find them, so . . .