A Little Tribute . . .

by bookindian

Yeh, the world lost one of its best, but like Jobs was known to have approached the future, ” . . . let it go . . .”


. . . thanks to Apple for all the innovative thought – I used to be a PC, but in the last year, and the past month, I have become, as one person said, ” . . . A member of the iFamily.”

I have an iPod Touch that was my introduction to the wonders of technology, stuff that Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers were privy to in the early 20th Century; after much bitching and moaning, Apple got the camera stuffed into the iPod Touch 4G, and I snagged one, simply because the camera feature was what was missing on my original iPod Touch. Now, I have an iPad2 and plan to get a MacBook Air shortly . . . As my daughter said when I told her that I was adding a MacBook Air to my “crew“, she said, “It won’t be a crew dad, that’ll be a fucking POSSE!!” Well, I’m going in as a 50% investor in a new iPad2 for her, because she needs one! Her refurbished MacBook Pro is just a bit behind the times, so she’s going to “. . . let it go.”

Thanks Steve, and all the family at Apple . . .

Photo taken with my iPod Touch 4G and processed with the Plastic Bullet app.