Mixing the visuals . . .

by bookindian

Here’s what’s left of a foto I snagged off the ether . . . I mixed the final image using the following apps, in sequence, as listed:

  • Photo Pad
  • Fuji Film Instax app
  • PhotoForge2
  • 20111127-155222.jpg
    The Fuji Instax app was used for the “bandaid” brush stroke; with the Photo Pad app, I used the filter feature’s “abstract” option; and, with PhotoForge2, I adjusted the exposure, cropped and flopped the image for the end result.

    I don’t make written notes documenting the slider settings (percentages) I use, cos that’s not my style . . . the app features and options are simply the visual cues, the “chart” if you will, how I play between the cues is based on experience, and the “now” . . . thanks to Karl Lagerfeld for providing the “now” . . .