Days gone by . . .

by bookindian


. . . been sorting through some boxes stored in a garage . . . no lenses inside . . . no matter, the boxes will serve as some unique storage containers for some of my miscellaneous small junk . . .


Lots of camera buffs looked down on the Leitz lenses made in Canada, but the image quality was still better than other glass available at the time . . . at one point I had two CL bodies . . . one had the f:2.8 40mm lens . . . I bought a second CL body, the f:2.8 90mm and an f:2.8 28mm . . . an ideal combo for the sort of gallery opening documentation I was doing at the time. The CL with the 40mm lens was sold to an acquaintance who did a lot of trekking.

Most people who saw the Leica CL brushed it off as a “toy” camera, as a result I photographed quite a number of gallery events without people being aware of the camera . . . even carried it into the “Tutankhamen” exhibit in L.A. and took some snaps . . .