. . . Deep song

by bookindian


In “poontang or petenera” I posted some lyrics copied from a subtitled video about flamenco by Carlos Saura . . . the cantaor featured was Jose Menese.


And after listening to the song many times, I realized that the subtitles were miles away from what was being sung . . . so after several hours of research and translations . . . I have what is as close to the cante jondo as I can get . . . but still much better than what was originally copied . . .

Fragmento . . . de la pelicula . . .

My intention is death
Mi intención es muerte

(if they saw me, they spoke with uncle.)
si me vieron hablaron con tío.

Hablarán a su tío
They will speak to your uncle

They have sharpened their knives
Han afilado sus cuchillos

I have been through much
Para que empiedra
. . . (that) it paves with stone.

el pasar con tal tormento y dolor
. . . going through such torment and pain

Soy duro como piedra
I am hard as stone

So I would not feel (No sentiría tan)
. . . I would not feel
The wounds in my heart . . .(Las herida a mi corazón.)

No sentiría las heridas en mi corazón


Carlos Saura . . .