Starbucks . . . Amsterdam

by bookindian

Well . . . Starbucks got this hot shit coffe shop in da Nederlands and what we got in the U.S. ??
Starbucks in Von’s super $$ mart . . . oh yeh, and there’s one in a hard to find parking mini-no strip joint “mall” . . . No wifi at the Von’s outlet . . . can’t even tip the barista . . . WTF??

Why do the big franchise owners think that Singapore Tokyo France et cetra deserve swank coffee house but not U.S.??
Yeh, maybe they’re right only rock climbers and freeloaders sit for hours on one cuppa joe . . . tapping emails about some stupid boulder or “wall” they just climbed with names like ” snapping pussy” (O.R. gorge) or ” Came-in-my-pants” . . .

Check this out . . .



. . . picture a “cowboy” with a generic white cowboy hat or John Deere cap, and spurs (you need spurs to drive your pick-up) standing in here looking for the bathroom . . .

Snagged the photos off Google, property of their respective owners, All Rights Reserved.