by bookindian


. . . all you iPod Touch & iPad owners, the world is now at your COMMAND . . . well at least for me cos I don’t have an iPhone . . . the GPS people over @ DeLorme have introduced an Iridium satellite device (InReach) that gives you the capability of sending text messages as well as providing SOS emergency services where there is no cell phone service !! with your iPod Touch and iPad, as well as the Android tablet & phone.

The InReach unit hooks to the iPod Touch or iPad via USB and allows you to send text messages, track your travels and upload your maps without a freaking cell phone.

Goodbye and good riddance AT&T and Verizon contract bullshit !!

For those of us who spend serious time “off the beaten path” it means we don’t have to leave breadcrumbs lying about anymore . . . my iPod Touch is with me when I’m out walkabout, so the InTouch is like viagra . . .

For $249.95 you get the InReach unit . . . a subscription to the Iridium network costs a paltry $24.95 per month – there is a $19.95 activation fee.

You can post your travels online so the important people in your life will know where you are . . . and god forbid you get hurt, search and rescue can be contacted via the SOS feature, and your location will be transmitted to the rescue team.