Spam SEO-melet

by bookindian

well . . . hey, they B at it again . . . spam I mean . . .
posted on my other blog first, BUTT thought I would stick it up here as well . . .

Here’s the deal . . . if and when you get one of these/those stupid SEO spams, get creative . . . see what you can do with the text and post it . . . maybe if enough of this shit gets back to WordPress they will . . . NAH . . . they’ll just honk because they think they’re cool . . . ??

“Hello Web Admin, I notice . . . you notice I NOTICE
On-Page SEO is is miss afew ah-CHOO . . factors,
4 one you not use all 3 H tags in your post, tagging tha “H” is like wha . . . wat it means ??

also I notice that you are not using bold or fucking italics properly in your SEO optimization (redundancy). where you go to school . . . ?? did you goto school ??

badminton oops. . . typed web admin and got BAD MITTENS . . . my SEO mus be fucked up . . . OMG !!

On-Page SEO means CEO FPO 3-CPO more now than ever since the new Google update: Panda take it up th ASS . . .

No longer are backlinks and backfires simply pinging ponging or sending out a Morse code RSS feed . . . the key to getting Google gaRgle runny shit PageRank or Alexa Rankings,

You now NEED On-Page SEO (Suck Elliptic Orifice).
So what is good On-Page SEO? is it like jack-off by girl-friend or onna cup ?? First your keyword must appear before you are in the title.Then it must appear in the URL or is that to be ORZ?.

You have to optimize your keyword/note and make sure that it has a nice smexy keyword labia density of 3-5% in your article with relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) . . . uh . . latentsemanticindexing . . what tha fuck you doing . . . lookiningmup, BIG words and then dump them out yer ass ??
. . . where you from Uranus ??

Then you should spread legs all H1,H2,H3 tags in your ass article.Your Keyword should appear in your first paragraph of Republican manifesto for domestic terrorism and in the last 10-to-life sentence of yer pageboy hair-do. You should have relevant usage of Bold and italics of your keyword.There should be one-two-three internal link to a hole where yer eyeball used to be on page 32 on your blog archive and you should have one Islamic image with an alt tag Guten tag mater dei that has your keyword….wait there’s even more . . . oh FUCK . . . I’m getting a hard-on . . . Now what if i told you i wuz fornicate with Japanese kogal in school-girl unifotm and there was a simple WordPress rotor plugin that does all the IN-OUT On-Page SEO, and automatically fellate yer penile for you? That’s right AUTOMATICALLY . . . AH – TO – MA-TIC . . . just watch th 4minute video for more useless information at. WordPress SEO Plugin

I got butt plugin for you tootsie . . . you must be PC . . . ah henh!!


Do you REALLY think . . . well maybe you do . . . I suppose some one some where is buying your crap . . .