FYI – pallet smakdown

by bookindian


How to Deconstruct a Shipping Pallet (if you want the most useable lumber)

1. A reciprocating saw (saws all)


2. Metal cutting blades a.k.a. hack saw blades for #1 above


3. A GOOD hammer . . .
4. A small pry bar

Start at the outside edge – 2X4 side – insert the saw blade between the 2X4 and the 1X4 . . . buzz through the nails & repeat until all the nails on one side have been cut. Now do the backside . . .


Once the 2X4 has been removed, turn the pallet and repeat the process.

To free the center 2X4, start with the topmost 1X4 . . . the center 2X4 nails are a bit problematic due to angle of attack . . . you’ll understand once you start this phase.

The saw blade will let you know when you’ve pushed the limits of it’s ability . . . it will break !! WEAR SAFETY GLASSES !!

The process will try your patience . . . think of it as a form of meditation !!

In the end you’ll have mucho wood with kinky nail holes . . . and a sense of accomplishment.


Something that baffles me is . . . why people put up a hook for FREE DIY directions and then ask for email address length of peener etc WTF ?! That’s not FREE !! Besides I’ll be able to suss the methodology from just pichas . . . o-o-oh yeh!!