say WHAT . . . ??

by bookindian


Couldn’t resist . . . the Republican PAR-Tay is a fucking JOKE !! I usually subject my other viewers to this sort of vitriol, but when the opportunity presents itself . . .

Mitt Romney’s RNC speech
(adapted by the author)

Mr. Chairman, delegates. I accept with humility,
deeply thrust in me.

Tonight I am askyou join me
walk through the valley of the shadow
of Wall Street . . . to a future.

I love the way Paul
lights up the Christmas Tree . . .

Yes, Moroni
(speaks to chair)
but I like playlist on my iPod better . . .”

When the yard signs came down
I finally came off
on the toilet
confident in the future . . .

It is what brought us immigrants
to change our sheets
watch our children . . .

We the driven ones who
woke up at night hearing that voice
telling them
“. . . came not in pursuit of the riches
but for the richness
of PBS NewsHour/YouTube
. . .”

Freedom of religion.

Freedom speak their mind.

Freedom to build it a lie,
freedom to BUILD IT a business
With their own hands.

This is essence of the Amurican.

When every immigrants
looked up Statue of Liberty dress
knelt down and kissed toes of freedom
no doubt they could build IT !!

That in aMurica their children
would be more blessed . . .

Molested by soccer coach
school teacher
told to go back
to Mexico
Africa . . .

. . . show me your birthed paper !!

. . . is not what we were promised.

GIVE more to church or charity.
open new store
sponsor Little League team.

Get a chair
like Clunk Eastwood
point at it . . .

Say things like
You stupid chair . . .
you got no rocking legs . . .


I deserved it !!

I take two jobs
9 bucks an hour !!


I was born
middle century
middle of the country
baby boomer . . .

Neil Armstrong’s boots
not Neil Young
on the moon . . .

Ann & I on parent’s sofa
pantsu down . . .

God bless Neil Armstrong

Tonight Amurican flag
on moon
of her ass.

Neil Armstrong’s spirit be with us
where he is laugh
on secret movie stage
where someone do the really big stuff . . .

Stay tuned to NEW World Radio for Part II (cos there was too much shit to shovel)