cracks . . .

by bookindian

. . . I read (past tense) this post the other day on Nubby’s link love . . . and, here’s what I have to say:

TO: Bri . . .

Some advice from an old “high mileage” guy . . .

What you need to understand is that YOU don’t know everything and can’t DO everything . . . simple !!

Being 20 or 30 something, you should still be learning your trade or craft, AND be working with or for someone who has achieved at a much higher level in your chosen field.

When I was 35 or so, I had a class at Otis/Parsons in L.A. and a visiting speaker from the Harvard Business School passed on some very useful information – what he said was:

    1. You can’t hang out with your peers because they don’t know any more than you, and often, less;

    2. Hang out with those who have achieved at a higher level in your chosen field of endeavor, by doing so, you “pull” yourself up the ladder – sounds mercenary but if you want to succeed . . . .well you get it; and,

    3. You need to have a “godfather” (mentor), someone who is well connected in your field and can make things happen.

Yeh yeh I know everyone thinks they can run a business . . . BUT it ain’t easy and unless you’re willing to let go of the EGO . . . you will slip between the bleacher seats and end up like the candy wrappers.

Comments on your blog are usually from PEERS . . . see item #1 above . . .

Oh, and another thing . . . focus on ONE interest . . . yeh I know all the girls are ooo-ing and aah-ing and it’s a rush . . . but do you really want a career or just the glitz and glamour ??

In the end YOU have to make the choice . . .

p.s. I’m 68 years old and starting a new life . . . but I have a LOT of experience in my bag, and I DON’T want to start a business or dye my hair pink.