luck . . .

by bookindian


Tomorrow is my birthday . . . 68 years under the bridge . . .
I passed the century mark for the number of wide stance push-ups yesterday.

I’ve been going to the gym for three months now . . . lost an inch in the waist !!!

So I’m off to the casino to celebrate my birthday and other benchmarks, midst the bells and whistles of chance, random generators . . . not to mention the intoxication of flashing blinking multicolored lights, and spinning wheels with arcane symbols.

Normally I would say “wish me luck,” but I believe in “probability” and, that “you make your own luck” . . . therefore my gaming “bank” ($$$) I will trust to probability and chaos . . .

Q: What is “LUCK” ??

A: “Luck” is when opportunity and preparation meet . . .”preparation” is my “bank,” and “opportunity” is the casino . . .

A SIGN !!!. . . the Cleopatra exhibit is Los Angeles at the California Science Center currently . . . I saw the TUTANKHAMEN exhibit when it was at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art many years ago . . .the moon is a bit past “full,” the stars are in alignment . . . oh yeh !!

AND . . . the space shuttle ENDEAVOUR is now in residence there also (gotta get down to see that).

. . . wish me luck !!!

Found Sophia on Google pics, all rights reserved by the original owner – modified by the author.