iPad mini . . . u-u-uh

by bookindian

It was an obsolete product the day it shipped, and the day before it shipped.” – Steve Winer

20121113-163553.jpg(Photo from Gizmodo)

I thought the iPad mini had a Retina display . . . ??? and then I read/red this article on Gizmodo by Steve Winer and find out that the iPad mini has a less than 21st Century resolution display !!!


So not only do you NOT get the new Apple EarPods, but you gots to settle for some cheap display . . . I’ll say it, “Steve would never have done this . . .”

And that my friends is why I am getting the NEW iPod Touch 5G WITH Retina display AND Apple EarPods !!!!!!!! . . . OH, and a choice of 5, count ’em, FIVE different finishes . . . black, blue, red, yellow and silver . . . and a wrist strap !